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What is the best way to communicate with people from other countries?

Sometimes we are `afraid` in how to talk to somebody from another culture, because we are not sure if we have the same way to express thoughts, etc...

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    Sep 30 2013: Hello,Daniel Barboza

    Following your question, I think the best way to communicate with people from other countries is to open up your heart and your mouth to speak with them (or online)as much as possible, but with a proper manner.:)
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    Sep 30 2013: I think we should have the confidence to talk with people from different parts of the world. If we bare in mind that we are people from diverse cultures and created to get to know each other, rather than being isolated that would give us the motive to communicate with them.
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    Sep 30 2013: I think there is nothing to be afraid of, pretty much everyone is aware of cultural differences and it is wonderful that we are so diverse. We should enjoy it, not fear it.
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      Sep 30 2013: Hi....and thanks...I will enjoy it !!!
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    Sep 30 2013: Be your authentic self.
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    Sep 30 2013: Hello Daniel, and welcome to TED conversations, which seems to be a good way to communicate with people from other countries and share ideas. I believe that if we share thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions and perceptions with good intent, and respect, we connect.....what do you think about that?

    I LOVE Costa Rica and spent some time there years ago...staying at the Arenal Observatory Lodge when it was a scientific research station and the only accommodation was a dorm-type building with beds lined up on one side, and a glass wall looking out to the volcano...which erupted while we were there....FABULOUS EXPERIENCE!!! Every time we heard a rumble in the night, we all jumped out of our beds to watch:>) That place is now very developed for tourists.

    We also explored the jungle from the LaSelva Biological Station, where we stayed for awhile, going on adventures with biologists of different disciplines every day. We even went out at night with the "bat man", and learned about those little, amazing creatures.

    We spent time in the Monteverde rain forest.....exploring....taking Spanish classes, which also included some Costa Rican history. I had the best coffee in the world there....made from beans picked that morning, and coming directly off the roaster!

    Kayaking the Sarapiqui river was my first experience kayaking, and a great adventure.....the people were all wonderful.....the whole experience was a treat for the body and mind:>)
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    Oct 2 2013: everywhere exist the good and the bad ,the faithful and the traitor forever ;first choose your camp...it's a question of trust between humans not between societies ;the society it's the result of the intolerance to some principals ,the humans is the result of their free will...it's started by love and by love normally must end...the most you can keep your anger the most you're close to your endless ,it's like dream or nightmare it depends our inside, it's like there .like here...