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What is high school about

Matt Labrum, the head coach at Union High School in Roosevelt, Utah, benched all 50 of his players last weekend because of character issues. Fed up with poor grades, attendance and attitude problems, in addition to learning that one or two players may have been involved in cyber-bullying another student, Labrum ordered all of his players to turn in their jerseys and equipment.

To get back on the team they had to do two days of community service, not be late to any classes, show grade improvements ... in short a character building effort that was fully supported by parents.

So the question is ... did this coach do the right thing .... is it the job of schools to develop character .... should schools only concentrate on the academics .... would you have supported this effort as a players parent ....

See story at:

High school football coach benches entire team for character ...



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  • Oct 3 2013: my 2 cents:

    a school is a training ground for academics. It is where we learn facts, data, things we need to survive and navigate for a future vocation.

    a school is also a a place for learning basic social behavior.
    THAT future vocation that i was talking about earlier requires dealing with people, talking with people, working with people... the only way you can get students to learn how to do those things is in a school because there are lots of people to "deal" with, lots of "social rules" to navigate with..

    You cannot teach certain things in a home because it involves family. NOT everyone in the world is "family" and therefore requires more delicate social maneuvering.

    You can only learn these things from dealing with "strangers" referring to classmates, "people of authority" referring to teachers, "people that are almost family" referring to friends, "people that have a common goal or desires " referring to school groups or organizations..etc..

    A school therefore must make sure that the behavior that arises from such social maneuvering is FAIR and JUST. Remember that a school is a learning ground for social behavior.. if you don' t correct it NOW, you will be dealing with a group of people with problematic behavior later.

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