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Why can't women have equal rights? What makes this impossible for people to accept?

Many people always told me that men and women are different. They are not equal, and that the role women plays are for the benefits of men. I believe that all of us, no matter what our age or gender, are always and will always be equal. Why is there so much difficulty in accepting this?


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    Sep 30 2013: Moe, As conversations on this subject always do ... this one is heating up. So in order to keep the focus on your question ... Please explain what you mean by rights. Human rights, civil rights, Bill of rights rights ... is there some confusion on rights, entitlements, or any other terms.

    What is allowed in one culture .. may not be allowed in another ... since TED is a international conversation site there should be some qualifiers ...

    So to be fair and have a meaningful conversation .... Define rights and identify the rights that women are denied.

    I think this will help the conversation and take opinions off the table.

    Thank you. Bob.
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      Sep 30 2013: When I mean by rights, I mean everything that shows inequality so there can either be laws involved or it can be based on just the emotional view of an individual. I take anything I can get.
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        Sep 30 2013: Moe, that is a perfect example of an emotional argument. Please do do confuse rights with anything I can get. The result will always be a circular argument and use of emotions ....

        I support your efforts ... there are problems ... address them with facts and present viable solutions. The continued misuse of the word rights will not help to address your concerns.

        You have a long fight ... choose battles not wars and chip away at the problem one step at a time.

        I think your a great kid and I admire your moxie .... hang in there.

        I wish you well. Bob.
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          Oct 1 2013: Thank you, Robert. I appreiciate your advice for me to fight on in this debate further.

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