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Why can't women have equal rights? What makes this impossible for people to accept?

Many people always told me that men and women are different. They are not equal, and that the role women plays are for the benefits of men. I believe that all of us, no matter what our age or gender, are always and will always be equal. Why is there so much difficulty in accepting this?


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    Sep 27 2013: 1) Women are on average different from men
    2) two random people are different from each other
    3) when we are considering 'rights', then we are on a level of society organisation. I think most people should have somewhat the same rights...
    But that does not change the fact that differences in culture, gender,... on group and individual level exist.

    As a man, I don't consider it a right to get babies. I consider it my right to dress like a woman (If I would so choose). I consider it my right to behave among men differently as when behaving myself amid a mixed sex group. As I am free to behave different towards children or hooligans.

    Do you wish to discuss specific rights?
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      Sep 27 2013: I am quite sure that women are basically different from men in physical ways. What do you mean by 'I don't consider it a right to get babies'? Are you saying that the main role for the existence of women is to give birth to future generations? I hope I'm not sounding rude and I apologize if I am, I'm not used to debating over the internet and I might sound cold.
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        Sep 27 2013: Moe,

        I don't think I defined a role or a purpose to man or women. I wanted to point out that, being a man, I cannot bear babies, and cannot consider it a right. A women can get pregnant, and it is her right to do so.

        I do think that we need to reproduce, and if all women would stop getting pregnant, I would think men should either convince them that such an idea is rather fatal for our species (or we might agree that this is a good idea, or men might try to create artificial wombs). Same goes if men don't want to fertilize the eggs anymore...
        So, if you push your argument: we do wish to procreate, so we take up the roles accordingly. I don't say it is our main role, nor our only role. But it is one that should not be ignored.
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          Sep 28 2013: Oh yes, I agree with you entirely on this. Now if I look at this on a global scale, it is quite frightening. There are teenagers getting pregnant and therefore the term, 'unwanted pregnancy' comes in. We have over six billion people on earth and for every two person dead, three/four babies are born. That's a very rapid pace to be reproducing don't you think?

          It is, in my opinion, a requirement that women should give birth (or adopt a child if she cannot get pregnant) at least once in her life to keep the generation going, but it also makes me very upset when I see a TV show or an article about a woman giving birth to her 14th baby or carrying quintuplets. We need to find a balance in this or else overpopulating the earth can have a negative impact on the environment and to humans.

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