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Do we have a drug/pills to control emotions of gambling?

There are medicines/drugs for psychological troubles. Do we have some remedy to control the emotions one feels which pushes him/her to gamble?

  • Sep 28 2013: Instead of giving drugs to human why not change the games?
  • Sep 28 2013: An addictive personality looking to be fixed by a drug... What's wrong with this picture? Recommend the GA drug. You are better off hooked on meetings from someone with thirty plus years of experience. If you want to see how well drugs work, check out the jails, mental institutions or the morgue.
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    Sep 27 2013: Would be a drug many professional poker players would like to get their hands on...
    A pill that suppresses the emotions of tilting and playing emotionally instead of calculated...

    I think psychiatrists know which pills could be used.
    Probably some kind of dopamine inhibitors?
    I don't know about pills that work specifically on gambling. Most drugs tend to have general effects on different parts of your brain, so it might be hard to suppress a specific emotion without numbing down others as well.
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      Sep 27 2013: The Patological Gambling is associated with a disorder of impulse and a optimistic valuation about the chances of reward. Dopamine is linked with our reward system. Actually there is not a unique medication, but the ones that act on this systems are the most used, with some improvement.
      Then, Lithium and carbamazepine can help to control the impulsivity, as fluoxetina and fluvoxamina. They are also testing a medication that fills the dopamine receptors, bloking them to recieve dopamine, blocking the reward pathway ( theoretically the person have the good feeling of gambling reduced.
      • Sep 27 2013: Thanks, do people really take these to control their desire to gamble?
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          Sep 28 2013: SOmetimes its a option when the desire brings great losses, like, not be able to stop
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    Sep 27 2013: Hello Eravati,

    Here is a site that explains the different reasons people gamble.

    I personally feel that gambling, like any other human habit, can become a serious issue.
    Usually when you reach the "addicted" stage, then you need help.......sometimes even professional help.

    I have always seen gambling for what it is..........someone with an insight into human nature, takes the vices that people have developed, and exploits them. They get rich off of YOU........I use my money in wiser ways.
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      Sep 27 2013: Thank you Mary~
      As long as you like. ...:)
      I hope the psychological theories really work, then there won't be so many addicted gamblers.:)
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        Sep 27 2013: Gambling is a terrible vice........a lot of local governments have allowed the opening of casinos and other establishments where gambling takes place.

        It seems a lot of people want to try their hand with Lady Luck.......perhaps they dream of getting rich quick.

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    Sep 27 2013: Why are the emotions considered the "bad guy". They should be regarded as message-bringers that point towards the fact that something needs attending to in the development of one's consciousness.
    Besides, behind the emotion (zone of the instinct) you will find a self-image (zone of the imagination). Behind that you will find an immature, (and therefore self-destructive) belief (zone of the intuition). It is the immature belief that drives any addictive behaviour.
    Pills that suppress symptoms are dangerous; the (usually negative) self-image gets amplified, the belief goes underground, and the body reacts with stress and/or illness, and/or a reinforced tendency to addictive behaviours.
    {Such self-hate behaviours can also be healed by learning to develop compassion for oneself; in this respect I recommend reading "There is nothing wrong with you" by Cheri Huber}
  • Sep 28 2013: I think no, but if there is any it's a temporary solution. better it to do some spiritual practice like meditation and process like sudharshan kriya.
  • Sep 28 2013: N O
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    Sep 28 2013: For questions about treatment options for common conditions, I always look first to the website for the Mayo Clinic.

    Here is what they offer on this:
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    Sep 27 2013: I was talking to a friend of mine who is an avid game trier, he tries games just for the fun of it. He told me there is something in the way games are being made that resembles gambling, this may sound normal but the games he is talking about is in an area where kids mostly gravitate towards, again this sounds normal except soccer games are setup these days to resemble spending actual money.
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      Sep 28 2013: Ken, can you explain how soccer games are set up these days to resemble spending actual money?

      I do find that games.....for example Candy Crush...have a very addictive influence...and fanatics of the game have been known to trade money in order to buy lives. I find it all very uncanny.
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        Sep 29 2013: Well soccer should only be about the 1 point win but in today's games they are about spending credit to get the No.5 shirt, accumulating millions of credit to buy players or stadiums, sponsor support blah blah blah. This is all normal but he told me he was playing with kids online who treated it as if it was real for them.

        Game stats are very real objects for these kids, it mimics real life but does teach them to be better? I don't know, I'll have to ask him tomorrow when i see him to run back over what he said. It's a great way of brand training.
  • Sep 27 2013: It depends upon the specific biological subtype of the individual. There is no one drug or class of drugs that will work for everyone in this area. Consult a physician for more information.
  • Sep 27 2013: Yes, we have drugs to "control" nearly anything. Doesn't mean that it's a good idea to use them.
    • Sep 27 2013: Can you name the drug? What are the side effects? Wat if someone gets addicted to the drug itself?
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        Sep 27 2013: Look at this article from Wikipedia.
        It explains that Impulse control disorders have two treatment options: psychosocial and pharmacological.

        Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see the name of the drugs.

        You can then google the drug name and research it yourself.
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    Sep 27 2013: Oh, please, please, please...Not another medication to control how we feel. Psychological medication are like magazines today. There is a magazine for everything. Imagine how popular and forceful meds would be on society if we slap an advertisement on every little pill. Ha, as soon as it entered your blood stream and hit your brain made you think..."Allstate, you're in good hands". AND that is when you know it has kicked in and working! :D You could know how much effect was coming by the speed of the thought like a 45 playing on the wrong speed of a turntable. I wanna see this on a sci fi movie like Idiocracy.
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    Sep 27 2013: Is this question in any way related to the 'occupy wall street' movement? If so, congratulation on this clever approach ... ;o)

    Yet seriously, I haven't heard of any specific drug to effect these areas within the brain.
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    Sep 27 2013: Maybe the sleeping pill? :)
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      Sep 27 2013: But what if they then just started to gamble with all the sheep they've counted in before? ;o)
      • Sep 27 2013: i am not aware of the "occupy wall street event" what is it?
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        Sep 27 2013: You are astute~. I don't quite understand how to play the gambling in the way you mentioned.But I think if he's not awake, the result can't be admitted. If he counts the sheep , he can control the speed before falling into sleep. He can dream of gambling even in the dream.:)
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          Sep 27 2013: 'He can dream of gambling even in the dream.'

          Exactly, but what if a gambler falls asleep and enters a dream with no one in it to gamble with?
          That could be quite a disappointing dream ... :o)

          What I was suggesting was, that any counted sheep gets invited right into this very dream they lead into, so that the gambler ensures to have at least those available to gable with ... :o)

          A whole soccer game takes a lot of counting though, as it needs a minimum of 22 sheep, including the 'referee sheep', to ensure a full match ... :o)
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        Sep 27 2013: :))))) I'm dizzy now.

        If one can't meet other gamblers in his dream, it's at least not harmless. Nobody would care the gambler's loneliness when he's sleeping. What if he has a good sleep and no dream occurs?

        With the current technoloty, I don't think people can do real gambling in their dream. :) I'm sorry, I can't catch your meaning with the sheep and soccer affairs. :)))))
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        Sep 27 2013: You succeeded. :)))))
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        Sep 27 2013: It's hilarious~! Cheers!:)
    • Sep 27 2013: :) could work!
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        Sep 27 2013: Another possible solution is to make the gambler gamble on how long he can keep away from gambling.:)
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          Sep 27 2013: How long did it take you to come up with this......I love it!!!