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Do we have a drug/pills to control emotions of gambling?

There are medicines/drugs for psychological troubles. Do we have some remedy to control the emotions one feels which pushes him/her to gamble?


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    Sep 27 2013: Would be a drug many professional poker players would like to get their hands on...
    A pill that suppresses the emotions of tilting and playing emotionally instead of calculated...

    I think psychiatrists know which pills could be used.
    Probably some kind of dopamine inhibitors?
    I don't know about pills that work specifically on gambling. Most drugs tend to have general effects on different parts of your brain, so it might be hard to suppress a specific emotion without numbing down others as well.
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      Sep 27 2013: The Patological Gambling is associated with a disorder of impulse and a optimistic valuation about the chances of reward. Dopamine is linked with our reward system. Actually there is not a unique medication, but the ones that act on this systems are the most used, with some improvement.
      Then, Lithium and carbamazepine can help to control the impulsivity, as fluoxetina and fluvoxamina. They are also testing a medication that fills the dopamine receptors, bloking them to recieve dopamine, blocking the reward pathway ( theoretically the person have the good feeling of gambling reduced.
      • Sep 27 2013: Thanks, do people really take these to control their desire to gamble?
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          Sep 28 2013: SOmetimes its a option when the desire brings great losses, like, not be able to stop

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