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Is Freedom a Lollipop Handed over by High Authority or rich people to play with in limited means that serve their purpose?

Kings, Monarchs, Autocratic Leaders, Company Owners, Rich people, Political Leaders, and Influencers are the one who use freedom as a tool to keep people in their control and in reversal we the people get happy by the limited freedom that we got such as to choose our clothes, food, and fancy items, some time to speak openly in social media; but when we go deep like Julian assange, Snowden, martin luther, etc fight for our rights we are pushed down or removed from the system. I want to know is freedom used as a lollipop or not?

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    Oct 25 2013: Freedom is completely relative, and is not precisely definable. You may have more or less of it, and more is only good under certain circumstances. The modern popular emphasis on Freedom as an unquestioned good is thoughtless and shows a lack of understanding of the needs of a society.

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