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What is the most precious thing in your life and why?

Everyone has something precious in his/her mind. This may be a material thing or non-material thing. I am not giving any option to make boundaries on your thoughts. One may answer anything.

Let us know how much value a man gives to a things and why?


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  • Oct 3 2013: I have to agree with Taylor Cox.
    It's freedom, the one thing humans have been fighting and striving for since they
    realized they had opposable thumbs, and started using them to oppose and
    oppress another free person. i.e. put them under their thumbs.
    And we are losing it all right now.
    • Oct 3 2013: I started to re-read the Constitution and Bill of Rights after the shut down - and yep - our focus of freedoms and what it originally meant and is built upon to be a collective government is sooooo out of sync. I would love for our Government to travel back to 1776 for a week and get their heads back in the game. and Stop playing political games.

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