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What is the most precious thing in your life and why?

Everyone has something precious in his/her mind. This may be a material thing or non-material thing. I am not giving any option to make boundaries on your thoughts. One may answer anything.

Let us know how much value a man gives to a things and why?


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    Oct 1 2013: People do throw the word “love” around quite a bit don’t they!? You cannot “love” ice cream (even though a pint of Cherry Garcia might mimic the feeling lol). To me love means that you have the confidence to look out into the world around you, embrace it for all it is worth and to be able to share those experiences with those you love. Love is in the smile of my daughter, the tail wagging of my beloved dogs, the embrace of my husband, the sunrise over the outer banks, and the cup of tea from my mother when we visit. With that alone I am able to sacrifice everything for them and push myself to do better as a wife, mother, daughter, and a member of humanity. Love is also in the things that I do for other people outside of our immediate family. Something as simple as a kind gesture or a word of encouragement can make all the difference in someone’s life. Love is family, compassion, and caring; it is the song in your soul. Beyond all of the scientific analysis and chemical reactions that come with the feeling of love I am sure that we all will agree that in and of itself love it is simply unquantifiable and intangible. You cannot possess it but rather you have to let it possess you.

    Think about it, how blessed are we to be able to experience all of this wonderment! Life is indeed a beautiful mosaic that it ever evolving!
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      Oct 1 2013: Well Said Cassaundra - You cannot possess it but rather you have to let it possess you...

      Thats is why we say - 'Falling in Love' instead of 'Making love'.. love is already there, one can not make it. We just fall in.. :)

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