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What is the most precious thing in your life and why?

Everyone has something precious in his/her mind. This may be a material thing or non-material thing. I am not giving any option to make boundaries on your thoughts. One may answer anything.

Let us know how much value a man gives to a things and why?


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    Sep 28 2013: Love is by far the most precious! Love cuts through everything else and leaves a sense of purity, direction, fulfillment, and peacefulness. The many different variations in which love can exist (parent to child, spouse, pets, interests, passions, etc.) make life worth living. We all have someone or something that we love, without it we are just an empty shell.
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      Sep 30 2013: What is love for you Cassaundra ? People use this word to show their likes and dislikes, to show their interest. Do u think this love is something which can be used to say - 'I love ice-cream' ?

      What u know about love that u have declared this as the most precious thing of your life ? Tell me plzzzz :)

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