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What is the most precious thing in your life and why?

Everyone has something precious in his/her mind. This may be a material thing or non-material thing. I am not giving any option to make boundaries on your thoughts. One may answer anything.

Let us know how much value a man gives to a things and why?


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    Sep 27 2013: life itself?
    I cannot imagine a more precious thing than that...
    • Gord G 50+

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      Sep 27 2013: I absolutely agree. And I believe life is an expression of the moment. Everything else is food for thought.
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      Sep 27 2013: Yes, however, there're also many people who'd sacrifice their lives to help people or to realize their dreams to get happiness in their heart. Do you agree?:)
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        Sep 27 2013: I understand that you want to sacrifice your own life.
        In most cases, it is to protect the life of others. Most often your own kin, but it can be a group you belong too.

        I don't think they do it in order to get happiness in their heart, as that would logically be an error (if you are dead, you don't feel or experience much, so where is the point in that?... ok, people can believe in forms of afterlife, so that would be a valid thing for them to do.)

        As for happiness: I can understand people who don't think life is all that great. So if they want to cease their life, they could do so in certain circumstances (which are long and nuanced).
        But there are also people who are never quite happy and still value life very much.
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          Sep 27 2013: haha... Thank you for your reply. I'm so sorry if I've offended you. :)
          I want to enjoy my life's happiness with others as much as possible instead of sacrificing my life for errors. And I think in my situation ,happiness can drive me to find its essential components. That includes embracing hopes hanging in there to live longer.:) That's why I think happiness is the MOST precious.
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          Sep 28 2013: .

          (1) Life --- keeping our DNA alive --- is the most precious.
          (2) Getting happiness is for the life.

          (To scarify one's own life is for one's own DNA identical in others’ bodies.)
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        Sep 27 2013: In my opinion, when a person has values and follow them, it helps to his happiness achievment. If one person "philantropi" as a value, this will be the important thing that leads him to a hapiness state.
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          Sep 28 2013: I don't know how to apply "philantropi", but I do hope all the people can live happily with each other and the earth. Thank you again.
    • Sep 27 2013: Our analytical abilities separates us from other living beings, I believe it is the precious thing for us mankind.
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        Sep 27 2013: for mankind, that is indeed a precious thing... (and for me too).
        though other animals show signs of analytic thinking too (not to the same extent of course).
        nice one!
      • Sep 28 2013: Sunvik - I feel your statement contains incongruent ideologies. Analytical thought is a tool of science. Science clearly doesn't believe we are separate from other living beings. The belief we're separate from other living beings is rooted in religious thought.

        I find it's ironic that analytical thought separates the universe into parts to arrive at the idea it's whole. While religious thought approaches the universe as a whole and arrives at the idea we're separate.

        Which leads me to the conclusion only uncertainty is certain. And unless I deny the whole I'll always be separate from it. Or to put it another way…my sense of separateness suggests there's a whole.

        And to bring my ramblings full circle. Living in the moment means there isn't a moment…only life itself….which of course is an undifferentiated state of awareness. Not whole. Not separate.

        That's precious.

        [What was the question?] ;-)
        • Sep 29 2013: Hmm... But if we look at more broader perspective can we say everything that exists in our universe is precious... If we assume that universe is created with a purpose then everything that exists is meant for something and since it EXISTS it is precious.

          We are part of this universe and we are no less fortunate than any other particle. Our existence itself is precious.
          But life separates us from non living things, so compared to that life indeed is precious.
          If we compare living things among each other then our analytical abilities....our ability to question and pursue the answer is precious.

          I don't know what happens after death... But in some way we become part of this ecosystem after death (act as a fertilizer for a plant may be) but we exist... not as a living being but as a particle that is part of this universe. So our death can be precious to something in this universe.

          i believe for something to become precious there should be some context based on which it can be defined.
          I interpreted the question wrongly before... We are not looking for the most precious thing... We are looking for the precious thing in our life.
          Life cannot be most precious thing in our life... that's redundant.
          For me the most precious thing in my life is my family and friends... Life without them is just meaningless, unimaginable. My life has a purpose because of them i believe.
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      Sep 27 2013: Well Said Christophe Cop Sir :)

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