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What is the most precious thing in your life and why?

Everyone has something precious in his/her mind. This may be a material thing or non-material thing. I am not giving any option to make boundaries on your thoughts. One may answer anything.

Let us know how much value a man gives to a things and why?

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    Oct 1 2013: People do throw the word “love” around quite a bit don’t they!? You cannot “love” ice cream (even though a pint of Cherry Garcia might mimic the feeling lol). To me love means that you have the confidence to look out into the world around you, embrace it for all it is worth and to be able to share those experiences with those you love. Love is in the smile of my daughter, the tail wagging of my beloved dogs, the embrace of my husband, the sunrise over the outer banks, and the cup of tea from my mother when we visit. With that alone I am able to sacrifice everything for them and push myself to do better as a wife, mother, daughter, and a member of humanity. Love is also in the things that I do for other people outside of our immediate family. Something as simple as a kind gesture or a word of encouragement can make all the difference in someone’s life. Love is family, compassion, and caring; it is the song in your soul. Beyond all of the scientific analysis and chemical reactions that come with the feeling of love I am sure that we all will agree that in and of itself love it is simply unquantifiable and intangible. You cannot possess it but rather you have to let it possess you.

    Think about it, how blessed are we to be able to experience all of this wonderment! Life is indeed a beautiful mosaic that it ever evolving!
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      Oct 1 2013: Well Said Cassaundra - You cannot possess it but rather you have to let it possess you...

      Thats is why we say - 'Falling in Love' instead of 'Making love'.. love is already there, one can not make it. We just fall in.. :)
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    Oct 2 2013: (I am a Chinese student ,forgive my poor English ability,and you can point out my mistakes,thx.)Maybe being independent is the most thing in my life .Because as for me , from childhood to now ,my parents didn't make many decisions for ,so I have to face many problem on my own.For example ,as a high school stundent , whose aim was all Entrance Examination, I choosed come back home and study by myself .Even though it is a challenge period for me ,but I never regret making that decision, which made me learn many things that would never learn from school ,such as making decision ,self-learning ,and valuing my family .Besides ,in China ,most of family will follow their child to university , but I decided go to university by myself,which was the first leaving hometown in 18 years ,from Hunan Province to Yunnan Province .Even on the way to university ,I was afraid of many things , but I finally arrive there safely , it is also intersting for me . Finally ,it hard to change the subject you major in in university, and it is unfortunately that I am major a subject I didn't like at all, I want to be a translater .So I have to learn English hard by myself .
    So ,in my life ,being independent is most important for me , it let me understand the value of being a human .
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      Oct 2 2013: :) Your English is good Wu bingsong ! And thank you for sharing your thoughts with us !
  • Sep 27 2013: My sons are by far the most precious thing(s) in my life. At 33 years old and single I felt my life would never feel complete. I realized children were what my heart desperately wanted and needed. At 50, I have 2 teenage sons that I would literally lay down my life for...they are such miracles and precious gifts. I know I am blessed.
    • Sep 27 2013: this is bcoz u r single. truely ur sons grabbed ur feel and they really must have worked hard to make u feel proud.
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    Sep 27 2013: Hope. I cannot bear life without it.
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      Sep 30 2013: Ok :)
      So your answer is HOPE ! I agree hope is what makes us to wait for tomorrow. But still its a secondary matter, first of all LIFE comes to you, right ?
      Suppose you are in a queue, having millions of people waiting for their turn, and where GOD is distributing LIFE to deserving people,, Now give me a good reason that you Deserve it too. How would u ask for LIFE ?

      :) can u share your thoughts on this Pabitra..
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        Oct 1 2013: Talking of reason Manish, I will not stand in that queue to waste time :) It stands to no reason to ask whether I deserve something after enjoying it for 52 years!
        Even allegorically, I refuse to accept life as a matter of gift from a super natural entity (like God as you say). At best I can accept it is wonderful gift of chance of nature and the question of deserving it, figuratively, comes in the social and humanitarian contexts in course of life.
        Btw, I survived near death twice, once when I was 2 years old and had meningitis and other when I was 35 when I was stuck in a sinking buoy at sea.
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    Sep 27 2013: life itself?
    I cannot imagine a more precious thing than that...
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      Sep 27 2013: I absolutely agree. And I believe life is an expression of the moment. Everything else is food for thought.
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      Sep 27 2013: Yes, however, there're also many people who'd sacrifice their lives to help people or to realize their dreams to get happiness in their heart. Do you agree?:)
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        Sep 27 2013: I understand that you want to sacrifice your own life.
        In most cases, it is to protect the life of others. Most often your own kin, but it can be a group you belong too.

        I don't think they do it in order to get happiness in their heart, as that would logically be an error (if you are dead, you don't feel or experience much, so where is the point in that?... ok, people can believe in forms of afterlife, so that would be a valid thing for them to do.)

        As for happiness: I can understand people who don't think life is all that great. So if they want to cease their life, they could do so in certain circumstances (which are long and nuanced).
        But there are also people who are never quite happy and still value life very much.
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          Sep 27 2013: haha... Thank you for your reply. I'm so sorry if I've offended you. :)
          I want to enjoy my life's happiness with others as much as possible instead of sacrificing my life for errors. And I think in my situation ,happiness can drive me to find its essential components. That includes embracing hopes hanging in there to live longer.:) That's why I think happiness is the MOST precious.
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          Sep 28 2013: .

          (1) Life --- keeping our DNA alive --- is the most precious.
          (2) Getting happiness is for the life.

          (To scarify one's own life is for one's own DNA identical in others’ bodies.)
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        Sep 27 2013: In my opinion, when a person has values and follow them, it helps to his happiness achievment. If one person "philantropi" as a value, this will be the important thing that leads him to a hapiness state.
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          Sep 28 2013: I don't know how to apply "philantropi", but I do hope all the people can live happily with each other and the earth. Thank you again.
    • Sep 27 2013: Our analytical abilities separates us from other living beings, I believe it is the precious thing for us mankind.
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        Sep 27 2013: for mankind, that is indeed a precious thing... (and for me too).
        though other animals show signs of analytic thinking too (not to the same extent of course).
        nice one!
      • Sep 28 2013: Sunvik - I feel your statement contains incongruent ideologies. Analytical thought is a tool of science. Science clearly doesn't believe we are separate from other living beings. The belief we're separate from other living beings is rooted in religious thought.

        I find it's ironic that analytical thought separates the universe into parts to arrive at the idea it's whole. While religious thought approaches the universe as a whole and arrives at the idea we're separate.

        Which leads me to the conclusion only uncertainty is certain. And unless I deny the whole I'll always be separate from it. Or to put it another way…my sense of separateness suggests there's a whole.

        And to bring my ramblings full circle. Living in the moment means there isn't a moment…only life itself….which of course is an undifferentiated state of awareness. Not whole. Not separate.

        That's precious.

        [What was the question?] ;-)
        • Sep 29 2013: Hmm... But if we look at more broader perspective can we say everything that exists in our universe is precious... If we assume that universe is created with a purpose then everything that exists is meant for something and since it EXISTS it is precious.

          We are part of this universe and we are no less fortunate than any other particle. Our existence itself is precious.
          But life separates us from non living things, so compared to that life indeed is precious.
          If we compare living things among each other then our analytical abilities....our ability to question and pursue the answer is precious.

          I don't know what happens after death... But in some way we become part of this ecosystem after death (act as a fertilizer for a plant may be) but we exist... not as a living being but as a particle that is part of this universe. So our death can be precious to something in this universe.

          i believe for something to become precious there should be some context based on which it can be defined.
          I interpreted the question wrongly before... We are not looking for the most precious thing... We are looking for the precious thing in our life.
          Life cannot be most precious thing in our life... that's redundant.
          For me the most precious thing in my life is my family and friends... Life without them is just meaningless, unimaginable. My life has a purpose because of them i believe.
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      Sep 27 2013: Well Said Christophe Cop Sir :)
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    Oct 3 2013: the most precious is nothing ,because nothing means everything , when something has been gone , we will cherish it ,
  • Oct 3 2013: The most precious thing in my life is relationship.
    Because a human by nature is a social creature. We create words, communication tools, internet so that we can interact with people and build relationship.

    Can you imagine yourself do not have relationship with anyone?
    As I started asking myself this question, my main reason why this is the most precious thing is I will die without relationship and I am willing to die for relationship :)
  • Oct 3 2013: I think that motivation is the most important thing to me.

    As a student, I think that this is essential to everyone at my school. Going to a private school where teachers overload us with homework is hard enough, and much harder when you have five extra-curricular activities to attend to. Some days theres nothing to do, whereas other days I'm struggling to finish everything that I have to. However, this is not all. One cannot go without having relationships with others. Friends also require time.

    Every night, I go to bed wondering is this really worth it? After all, none of this is going to matter when your dead, and what is this all for? Motivation keeps me going. Where this motivation comes from, I have no clue. Maybe its everyone's incentive to make the world a better place, or share ideas with others.
  • Oct 3 2013: Though I am not religious in any way, my relationship with my higher power is what is most precious. Without it, I am simply unable to go through the difficultés of life and keep my inner peace, my inner child and my heart intact. After that, all is possible, all is well.
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      Oct 3 2013: Good Marie :) You are on right path. Although, you think you are not religious, however you are. I am really glad to know your inner child is still a child and remain intact :) GOD Bless you Marie !
      • Oct 3 2013: Hahaha! Is there such a thing as a wrong path? This is what I mean by I am not religious... Thanx for the paternal comments. Have a serene day.
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          Oct 3 2013: LOL.. I was expecting this from you Marie. And happy to see this comment :) A child first time experience that lie also exists when his parent says - "Don't lie to me!" . Child is so innocent that he can't differentiate between good and bad.

          So you are :) thats why i told you, you are on right path, coz you have not chosen any man made religion marie. You still are on your true religion .. hope ! the child within you will understand what i am trying to say :)
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    Oct 2 2013: Truth is a paradox, hence the contradiction...but I don.t expect people to understand, they reveal or unravel themselves. The Tao Te Ching is full of contradictions, read it and you may see for yourself. My comments are effortless as I have nothing to prove. The contradiction comes from the notion of right and wrong, which is the divided mind, meaning lack of awareness. In awareness, there is neither nor. In Truth, thought cannot be invited because thought brings along meaning rather thant discovering it. Only awareness can see what is as it is. Thought colours experience and we are back into the past.
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      Oct 2 2013: Johnny,
      Your comments may be "effortless", as you say, and you already stated that you "have no time to think of such a question".

      The topic question Johnny, is..."What is the most precious thing in your life and why?"
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      Oct 3 2013: Oh Johnny ! Now I understood :) i am also a big fan of Tao, yeah you are right... what seems contradictory is not in real.. Tao is the real religion everyone already having inside, but they are not aware of it.. :)
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    Sep 30 2013: The closer and longer you look the more you see and feel. I would not use the word beautiful for that is very cosmetic and superficial. Immediate gratification is not what I seek. A deeper connection with the natural world is the adventure I am on.
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      Oct 1 2013: hmmm,, I can understand this deeper connection of yours with the natural world. I liked it that you didnt use 'beautiful' word and do not seek immediate gratification... Infact, I must say, this is the right way to live life, being in the moment without being judgmental.... :)
  • Sep 28 2013: Precious in my life is the acknowledgement that the invisible becomes visible through my expressions; that the now tangible expressions flow into the creation that came from thought, forming some thing - or some new thought - that had not outwardly appeared before the invisible (thought) and the expression (words) became one. Life itself is a rhythmic dance or lively vision of that which is formed when one is able and, yes, willing to create. Therefore, life is never still, even when we believe that we are ! No, the renewal, the circulation of thoughts to words to newness is forever moving us forward, almost as if there is but one life among us. For this, I am forever grateful.
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      Sep 30 2013: Wow !!! Anne Alper... What a great reply :) Applause !
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    Sep 28 2013: My life , because without it anything else is meaningless .....isn't it ?
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      Sep 30 2013: Good Salim! This is the answer after that no any other question rise in ma mind. :)
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    Sep 27 2013: YOU (yourself) are the most precious thing. You are born to live and create a difference in this world. After all, each and everything you do is contribution to make this world a better place for you and your generations to come.
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    Sep 27 2013: The natural world. There is so much there to explore and understand. There is no greed, no control and no judgments, just good feelings and sometimes bad which makes the good that much better.
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      Sep 30 2013: The Natural World :) Hmmm...

      Ok Raymond ! tell me the ultimate beautiful thing you have noticed of the Natural World ?
  • Sep 27 2013: Unconditional smile, Because with a cool mind i can achieve whatever I want.
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    Sep 27 2013: Humanity. Humanity.
  • Sep 27 2013: My family and friends
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    Sep 27 2013: I think is happiness. Because it makes you feel you deserve your life.
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      Sep 27 2013: I agree with you , Yoka. Happiness or a well-being inner state.
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        Sep 27 2013: Thank you for your support. :)))))
  • Oct 3 2013: Today what is precious is my mind. Once it is gone I am no longer who I am. I am 47 and fear old age. Now tomorrow it may be something else; like my kids, my relationship, my friends, seeing a sunrise. What will never change is that Not One Thing that is a material possession is precious to me - never will be.
  • Oct 3 2013: To avoid the contest of who can be the deepest thinker, I would just like to answer the original question (of this thread before you critique which question I'm answering) and say : Freedom.
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    Oct 2 2013: For some people there may be something precious worth grieving over. For some other, it is the flow, with no way to measure as to being precious or not, no way to appraise because thought is not involved. That is all.
  • Oct 2 2013: Freedom is the most important. Without the freedom to be who I am there is nothing else.
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    Oct 2 2013: My Faith. My Family. My Friends. In that order I guess although like life itself it's organic. Sometimes one takes precedence over the other depending.
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    Oct 2 2013: That is a nice assumpton to make and fish for takers...and you have it.
    Any such proposition interferes with "the flow" and it becomes an obstruction, a hindrance. Living is a flow without room for regrets or attachments. A play of shape, form, appearance and vanishing of experiences. Either can block the rythm and harmony. I have no time to think of such a question, for thought itself obstructs the living by conceptualising and creating images. One then becomes attached to the image; one cannot speak of living or anything unless one is separated from it. In living, there is no such question.
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      Oct 2 2013: "I have no time to think of such a question, for thought itself obstructs the living by conceptualising and creating images" What do you think about it then if even your thought obstructs your living? How do you live?
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        Oct 2 2013: Catherine, Johnny Atman says -one can not speak of living unless he/she is separated from it !! But Johnny himself speaking a lot about the life (like a flow, rythm, hormony, etc.)... !! May be, he is not alive, i guess so... :P What do u say :D ??
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          Oct 2 2013: In a sense there could be a religious understanding to this sense of separation from living in order to live (abandonment, detachment, etc.). Sometimes living too close to reality, too close to the tangible so to speak can inhibit flow, rhythm, harmony in living... but yet I think you cannot separate yourself from living/life. You are life. You are living. It's how you live can encourage flow or inhibit it.
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        Oct 2 2013: "I" don't live, "I" is a word, words are not alive, even though they can have immense power over those that are under the spell, like some people here. There is no "I" that lives, living takes place outside words, and words that are not understood and put in their place can interfere with living, creating the :I:, the Ego, the feeling of separateness, of Right and Wrong of Fear, but also Greed. Most people live between these two energies. Where Life takes place, there is no room for Fear and Greed or useless talk. I've had my say.
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          Oct 2 2013: Wow! That's an incredible level of puritanical theory (I won't say "living" incase it impinges somewhat on what you're trying to get at). Can I ask (if "I" can actually "be" "I") if everything is outside of living and the "I" doesn't live than ""Who are you?" You know the basics of fundamental questioning: "Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I heading?" Does that actually happen for you or are you happy simply to "be" (if you're not being).. I mean what are you then? A spirit? A blip? Not even a "A" but ... nothing!
          @Manish.. Happy if you intervene, contribute... enlighten!

          P.S. The reason maybe I don't have a profile pic of myself is precisely so that "I" don't enter into the equation! (Trying to throw in a bit of sense of humour into all this!)
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        Oct 3 2013: Catherine,
        It is everyone's journe to find out who they truly are, not who society tells them to be. A journey of self-inquiry takes sometimes more that half a life. Yet, without finding out who we truly are, we are at the mercy of thought and the Egoic mind, that is, the divided mind and subject to right and wrong, fear and greed. I will not say anymore about it, if you truly seek to find out who you are, then you will embark on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, If not, you will remain slave to thought and public opinon. The choice and decision are yours.
        This may be a good start http://www.deikman.com/awareness.html
        If you disagree, please ignore the link.
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      Oct 2 2013: You said you do not have time to think of such question, but seems my question have interfered your "flow". You stopped flowing and gave your time to answer this. If thinking such thing is kind of an obstruct in your mind,what was the need to stop your flow for this useless question Johnny !!

      I do not agree that one cannot speak of living or anything unless one is separated from it. Infact, the truth is, the one who has experienced it, who has felt it , who is living right now.... is the only right person who can speak on it. One can describe the beauty of a garden having separation, by sitting in a closed room one can sing the song of the ocean... but then those words will be merely empty and superficial words without spirit, they will not come from the soul itself.

      You think you will be caught by an image and then it would block the rythm and harmony of your 'flow'. But i can clearly see you are already caught by this image that this may happen !!! Thats why you keep running away such things. Running is not called as 'flow' Johnny. life Flow is like air or water, neither water nor air make any decision to decide the path of flowing. Also flow is true only when it accept all things which comes in its path, without hesitation... but flow goes on.

      Nothing can stop your flow of living in your manner, No image, this is only YOU Johnny who can stop it.. like you did it now... :)
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        Oct 2 2013: Friend,

        The answer I gave is with two edges. One for those who can see, and one for those that can't. Now, it is obvious which category you belong to.
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      Oct 2 2013: Dear Johnny,
      I am curious....as Manish and Catherine seem to be as well.

      You write..." I have no time to think of such a question, for thought itself obstructs the living by conceptualising and creating images".

      So, even though you say you do not have time to think of such a question, you have contributed quite a lot in comments, which indicates that you are thinking and writing about it. Do you feel obstructed? Why do you choose to do that to yourself?

      I agree with you that the experience of living can be perceived as a "flow", and I believe thought is part of the human flowing experience.

      You write comments that seem contradictory and confusing, then you categorize people for not understanding? Is that "flowing" for you?
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    Oct 1 2013: The ability to be happy with myself without depending on anything external. That's a real freedom and that's the most precious thing in your life. Thank you for asking:)
  • Oct 1 2013: The most precious thing in my life, is myself.
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    Oct 1 2013: everything i have is precious.i try to be thankful for them.
  • Oct 1 2013: Carrying on from my most precious thing as “knowing when something is stupid or wise”. I have observed the following:

    Stupid things happen when a person is over-zealous and when they are carried along by a trend that they think will never end.

    Wise things happen when the wise one knows when to stop and what not to do. Wisdom is not found in analysis because the future is not predicable to any level of detail.
  • Sep 30 2013: My daughters are the most important thing in my life, everything else is secondary!! They always give me a reason to try harder and something to get up for every day. My girls are my world and i am so thankful to God.