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Director of Instructional Technology, Fontbonne University, St Louis, MO USA


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If you had a technology toy room to play with the most amazing educational technologies available today, what would be in it?

I've been given the remarkable privilege of starting a Center for Educational and Emerging Technology where university faculty and K-12 educators can come together to explore classroom technologies.

It will be a space where everyone can get their hands on the technology and discuss in a very diverse group the potential it has for meaningful change in the classroom. The budget is limited to start off, so what tools have you seen that have the potential for disruption in either higher ed or K-12 classrooms? If it's expensive, what groups do you think would likely fund their purchase for a center like this?


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    Oct 2 2013: Some technologies do allow for this kind of interaction. It sounds like a flipped model with question-embed capability in screencasting software would accomplish what you're talking about here.
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      Oct 3 2013: Bingo! I had not heard of flipped before, but it looks good. Just by a quick look Flipped-Mastery, seems better then Flipped-Classroom. But that may vary, depending of the subject.

      Here is a great TED talk that may give you some ideas.

      P.S. Amy, if you use “Reply” to a comment instead of adding a new comment, it makes it easier to follow conversation via letting readers know who you are replying to.
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