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What if...reincarnation is possible.

If reincarnation was proven as a fact, how many lives have, or can we, live? We don't know who have our past lives been or how can we discover them, so what measures could we take? Who knows who our past lives could have been and the process of discovering how they are all connected, if they even are. The types of science that could result from such a discovery can be innumerable, but what kinds of science would develop?

This is a fictitious idea, but please keep an open mind and responses in-depth and interesting.


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    Sep 26 2013: If it would be possible, then there should be information transfer between the old and the new life-form.
    You could start to scan (willing) dying people during death to see if there is a signal in the heat-loss or something.
    Also (sligtly easier), during conception (in vitro would seem best), one could try and see how that signal enters the fertilized cell and how it is stored in a the cell. I assume there is a point of data-entry. If you then kill the cells, it should then leave again... (what happens when you split the embryo in multiplets? is it then reincarnated in more than one life form?
    (You don't need to use human cells I guess?)
    If you fail to find signals to and from a dying life form, then it is probably very unlikely, but then again, I don't think the research has been done.

    Anyway: I think it is very unlikely, but there are ways to falsify the hypothesis that come from the assumption of reincarnation.
    • Sep 28 2013: Christophe I do not have enough proof to be positive one way or the other but there is a huge amount of data out there if it really makes a difference to you. From my limited exposure this is what I surmise is the way it works. Souls are eternal like matter, they cannot be destroyed, they have always existed and will always exist. We chose to come to earth but do not get to chose our body or when we will get that chance. If we have been here before that information comes with our soul which may explain why some of us have inherent talents and unexplainable memories. It would also explain how some people know so much about someone that has lived before and can explain not only how they think but experiences in the other persons life without any prior known knowledge of that person. There is no transfer of knowledge, the knowledge was already there in the soul and goes where ever the soul goes. They were the other person and now they are someone else with a little extra knowledge. I do not think people die and then come right back to earth but I could be wrong. The reason I think that is because the person before has sometimes been dead for centuries. I think I am in deep enough for now so I’ll shut up.
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        Sep 30 2013: I completely reject the idea of such a soul.
        I would like to have at least one peer-reviewed scientific report that supports such a claim.
        If such a soul would exist, it should be observe-able through some kind of measurement (size of the soul, content of it,...) If not, then it could not interfere with our neurons.

        As for memory... I suggest you dig into Elisabeth's Loftus research (there appeared a talk by her last week). Memory can be very deceiving and unreliable. Plus we are quite good at making up stories.
        • Sep 30 2013: Christophe I love your logical mind and thoroughly enjoy our chats. We are talking about something very hard to prove like a black hole, faith, God or even our the purpose of our own existence. Why are we here? What came first the chicken or the egg? How far is up? How does "entanglement" work? Woman? These are all things that boggle men's minds and may be there only purpose is to bring us together to talk and ponder. I will do some more study on the evidence of the soul and get back with you later.
          "Memory can be very deceiving and unreliable" Let's reword that so it is accurate.
          "The mind can be very deceiving and unreliable", memory is neither one, memory is constant and totally accurate.
          As far as Elisabeth Loftus is concerned I believe the results she is reporting are accurate assessments of how the mind works and plays games. The functions of memory are a simple small part of the mind and unlike what she claims no part of memory is ever erased, that much I can guarantee and prove. However that does not stop the mind from playing games, it loves games, it loves entertainment, it loves exercise, it loves stimuli.
          If I ask you do you like sex? Do you think your mind goes to a specific place and looks for an answer, yes or no? Of course not, it goes nuts because the question is all over the memory and as it searches for an answer, millions of possibilities are stimulated and it may take you several minutes to come back with an answer that is the summation of it's discoveries. The amazing thing is if I ask you the same question tomorrow you could quite possibly give me a different answer.
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        Oct 7 2013: Keith,
        I'll just give some answers to your rhetorical questions, as that will reveal something of our differences in thought.

        Why are we here?
        the assumption of a purpose (as to "why") is hidden in this question. In my opinion, there is no purpose, which makes this question void.

        What came first the chicken or the egg?
        The Egg, as there were birds laying eggs before there was a chicken. The first chicken (if you wish to make a clear-cut distinction in evolution) hatched out of an egg.

        How far is up?
        Is as bad a question as 'how green is wednesday happy?'

        How does "entanglement" work?
        I don't know, but I bet quantum-physicists can give you an explanation that would at least shed some light on it.

        Yes, mind-boggling, I cannot but agree to that one ;-)

        If I ask you do you like sex?
        Mostly yes.

        Do you think your mind goes to a specific place and looks for an answer, yes or no?
        Your question is double: No, "your mind" does not go anywhere. But in order to respond to a question, the right parts need to be activated: so my emotional memory of past sex is stored (though not in one single place, but several places), needs to be activated (i.e. the neurons must fire). Hence I'll be conscious of some memories and able to reply to it.
        I would like to point out that human memory (and probably all other animals memory) is not safely stored and constant, but effectively under constant change: each time you evoke a memory, it becomes activated and can thus be influenced. As such, we can alter our memories or even convince ourselves or remembering something that we didn't experience in real life.

        As for the mind: I would consider the mind as something formed by an active, living brain. I would deline it as the conscious part (things that come to mind are conscious). Which would relate it heavily to "attention". One likely hypothesis is that it is the feedbackloops of activity that form the gestalt that we call our mind.
        • Oct 7 2013: Well we do think differently Christophe and I would not have it any other way. Imagine how boring the world would be if there was only one kind of flower, tree or animal. If everybody thought like me, there would no longer be a need for me, or for anybody else that thought like me. The beauty of our planet is in the diversity. I am sure you are not the only one with questions about how the mind works so I am working on a deeper explanation that I will publish in a few months including the workings of the soul, at least the parts I can release that are not classified.
          Quantum physics does have an explanation for "Entanglement", they don't know how it works but they can prove that it does and they can prove that it works at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light and they suspect that it works instantly. Sort of like the sort program I wrote over forty years ago, instant (No cpu cycles). I had a gaggle of professors at Stanford trying to get me to explain how it works to no avail, it's classified, not by the government by me.
          You may have heard already about a new generation of computers called quantum computers that will be millions of times faster than the supercomputers we have today. They have built quantum computers already and after they have evolved for another twenty years they will be ready for computers built on Entanglement theory.
          Entanglement is as close to God as science will ever get.
          By the way, where did the egg come from?
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        Oct 8 2013: Thanks for your insights Keith.

        I would like to know more about your program you wrote... seems very interesting.

        I do hope e eventually develop quantum computers. And I do think that we can develop an AI that will be better than any human mind, (good, beautiful, true) that might get closer to what many people think is god... in that case we'll be the ones creating something that is close to a god (in a literal sense). But maybe we don't want that, and be free of it anyway (as we are now)

        The egg evolved. You can look at fish or earlier life forms and trace back to the earliest forms of eggs. I suppose you'll find it is an environment where cells can divide in a space protected from external -destructive- sources
        • Oct 8 2013: There are several commercial quantum computers already operating, of course the government got the first ones and now Google and Apple have purchases them along with other major corporations. So far they are not like an all purpose computers, they are custom built with a specific purpose in mind although they do come with application software which allows they to be programmed to some degree. If you are interested look up D-Wave they are the furthest along in the technology.
          What peaks my interest is Entanglement theories. The first thing they will use it for is communications, try to imagine communicate over any distance "instantly", now that is an idea worth sharing! Once they get that process down it is only a matter of time before they figure out how to transport matter any distance "instantly". Imagine how the universe will shrink once we learn how to go from one end of the universe to the other and beyond instantly or better yet be in both places at the same time. This is one of my websites but it needs a lot of work as you will see: http://www.QuantumRocks.com

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