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Average peeps: Mind Map ted talks

everyone wants a voice, and everyone deserves one.

the question is: how do we make it organized, simple and quick and easy? if it's not organized everyone will turn into whiter noise than youtube. if its not simple, quick and easy then it's a multiplication of words and/or nonsense and who has time for that? seriously.

So here's one way to do it. Each ted talk submitted by the average person (not at an event or on a stage) should be chopped up and placed in a 2 dimensional mind map.

The center node would be an introduction to the topic the person is speaking on.
the next layer of the talk would be each major topic relating to the central node.
the next layer would be further details relating to each major topic.

That way I don't have to watch 20 minutes of someone's talk when I only care about the last 2.

plus that way it's searchable and rearrangeable and parts of talks can be arranged with other people's talks on similar topics.

the talk would follow a specific sequence that the speaker would define if someone wanted to watch it from start to finish, and each video would be about 30 seconds to 5 minutes long.

I've recently conceptualized this for a website I'm making and I think Ted could really use the design too.

there's a quick visualization of it:

I've also began a animation conceptual prototype thought I think it would work better with video:

thats the idea, what do you guys think?

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    Feb 16 2011: I'm for mind maps, they are a great tool, they can help to quickly understand an idea, a concept.
    This idea may work for "digging for gold" in lots of new (amateur) talks.

    Please don't do this to Ken Robinson or Hans Rosling, because we lose their body language and face mimic :-)
    And yes, you can do it to Robert Wright's talk on optimism, for example.
    I don't mind. It is a great talk anyway.
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      Feb 17 2011: of course not, my idea applies to average people making ted talks. they could arrange it how they like, and I think it would also help people make higher quality talks because things would be more thought out and more planned and more to the point.
  • Feb 22 2011: Hi Jordan! We're already hard at work on this concept, and have live mind mapped a number of TEDx events. The comment I left the other day has been removed (I assume due to the links I posted), but if you search the MindMeister (dot) com (slash) blog for TEDx, you'll see exactly what we're working on.