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Why Do We Still Have Monarchy?

In most cultures, monarchy are a product of a more medieval, feudal times. Some cultures even come up with divine origins to support their kings and emperors. Not all royal families are bad, though. The British and the Japanese monarchy actually bring in revenue for their own country in a form of tourist attraction.

But what of the other monarchy that essentially lives off the money of the common people? What's more, these royal families are all religious. They all believe that we're all descendants of Adam.

By that logic, shouldn't we all have the same blood in all of us? Aren't we all human beings? Why are these people claiming that their blood is more noble, that everyone else is inferior? How can we even allow that?


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  • Oct 3 2013: a Monarch has its purpose in the old days. They were the head of the social structure and organization that manages a large group of people or even a country. Things have changed now, but some societies prefer the existence of a monarch for nostalgic purposes and pride (even revenue as you mentioned it). This is a choice of the society that perfers to keep its monarch. Let us not question these societies because their social structure requires a monarch unless of course they decided to remove it completely as what happened in France and Nepal.

    Very few monarchs actually claim "noble blood"or superior blood etc..... these kings know that they are in a precarious state because they know the country can work without a king at the helm. Therefore these "kings" are trying to balance their power while getting the people's respect. Otherwise they are inviting a revolution to get rid of them.

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