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Highly Bookish Ethics, Rare Practical Value.

Human behavior is exploiting the peace and patience of surrounding environment, Have forgotten totally the Ethical principles and values, all these matters are now buried into books only, which remain untouched in this modern era of highly advanced technology. Which one is better, the unethical advancement or ethical progress??

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    Sep 25 2013: Q:Which is better? A: Ethical trumps unethical.
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    Sep 27 2013: the ethical being
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    Sep 27 2013: Hello Rakesh,
    By "unethical advancement" do you mean "allowing highly advanced technology to develop without any restriction by ethics?".
    If 'yes', then the answer is you will get more of the same of what we are already experiencing. ie: hugely powerful technologies for spying on everyone, for destroying unlucky groups of people, and for general control through automated bureaucracies. And these powerful technologies are increasingly in the hands of fewer and fewer people. As I have said in another conversation, technology is neither good nor bad, but neither is it neutral.
    Technology merely amplifies what is already happening, since technology is not particularly evolving into a more benign version of itself.

    It is vital that ethics steps in to question both the development of certain technologies, and the 'controllers' who are monopolizing powerful controlling technologies.
    The main ethical question is this:
    What is it that makes me essentially human, that technology might somehow deprive me of?
    To take a current example, the NSA spying on everyone, raises the ethical notion of privacy. If privacy is deemed to be an essential part of people experiencing their humanity, then there is an ethical argument against the NSA's activities.

    If ethics cannot challenge "less-than-human" developments in technology, then what can? In this respect, Edward Long's neat short answer below is correct.
  • Sep 26 2013: The heart of the issue isn't which is better in my opinion but what constitute ethical. If the core of your ethics is 'go forth and subdue the land', only the strong survive or win at all cost the course were on is correct. If you believe that greed, social darwinism or apathy are sociopathic diseases then ethical progress is the only option that wont result in a degenrative society, a half eaten planet and a cancerous race. Keep in mind though I am relatively uneducated and blue collar. I may be wrong.
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    Sep 25 2013: I hope you could still believe there's integrity and ethics in advanced technologies because every thing has two sides including the development of technology. Maybe you just haven't been lucky enough to see the bright side of humanity in the progressing society.
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    Sep 25 2013: .

    The money (or harmful invalid happiness)
    makes "the unethical advancement",
    which leads human to self-extinction.