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What are the difficulties of being an extrovert?

I am an introvert. And I have my own personal difficulties from being so. But I was curious to know what might be difficult for you extroverted people out there, because of your extroversion. Or what misconceptions there might be about extroversion. What are the pros and cons of extroversion?
And just so we're on the same page of what introversion and extroversion are, here's a couple videos on defining introversion and extroversion.
"Introvert vs. Extrovert Conversation"

"Introverts and Extroverts Have Different Brains"


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  • Sep 30 2013: When I was young, I used to be very awkward. As a grown-up I may define myself very easy-going, flexible, friendly and extrovert. As you said, the pros and cons touch both of them but there's no shadow of doubts that extroversion let people live a better life : at work, in your personal relationships and as an individual in the society. To be honest, in my own experience, I was sometimes misunderstood by people who had mistaken my extroversion for my interest in them. Other times I found that establish good relationships with anyone involves meeting people dead from the neck up or rough, cruel and mean much more easily than being introvert. In spite of that extroversion, as I said at the beginning, is still my favourite choice.
    • Oct 2 2013: Totally wrong and narrowminded. Introverts live a better life, since they are not bound by the psychotic need to chatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatterchatter their lives away and are no so insecure that they must be surrounded by people at all times or go bugnuts.

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