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What is "Art" today? Where is the (r)evolution?

We had Michelangelo and Leonardo, then the Impressionism, Abstractionism and Pop Art What do we have? Critics have the role and power to judge, approve or destroy an artist but when we live in a world where everything is a mean to make money, how can we trust both critics and artists to be good in what they do? Art same as Poetry and Music, weren't those means to arouse emotions?! Weren't made by emotions?! For my point of view, nowadays we can find lots of rubbish in galleries even those Internationally recognised, so I can't help but wonder, why? Why there is so much rubbish? Everyone can make art? If everyone can make art, anyone can be a critic I guess?!...Is that right? In the past Art was used to break the rules, to go beyond people imagination, to set new standards to break again in the future, to amaze and revolutionise the concept of Art of that period. In my opinion both a critic and an artist should have a good knowledge not just about their field but also of other areas such as philosophy, music, literature and social science in order to be a good critic and a good artist. In the end I go back to the beginning to the first question, what is "Art" nowadays? Where is the revolution?

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    Sep 24 2013: Do you personally evaluate art by your reaction to it, intellectual or emotional, or by the credentials of the artist? I ask this as you indicate that an artist should be well versed in the particular fields you list. What if they aren't?

    You probably know that in the history of art and music, when new material came onto the scene, it was often dismissed by many as "rubbish," but historical perspective changed that perception and interpretation.

    You may be interested in these 100+ TED talks in which artists and sometimes curators share their perspectives.

    But for starters, here are TED's favorites, put together on a playlist:
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      Sep 25 2013: You have kindled some questions: What qualifies someone as an Artist? Must an Artist be human? Must an Artist be learned and certified in the academics of Art? Who, or what, can create Art?
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        Sep 25 2013: Artists have been differently prepared through the ages. Many were trained in the workshops of masters rather than educated in academic subjects.

        There have been some entirely self-taught artists who have attained distinction and many trained at art schools or the academy who haven't.

        In another thread unrelated to art two people have been discussing what sort of experience is valuable in gaining mastery. Practice/experience build mastery but only if one engages in a practice that actually promotes learning and pushing ones skills and ideas forward instead of repetition of poor methods.

        Anyone can call himself an artist, scientist, or whatever else he likes. But others may not consider him within the category he places himself.

        You could choose to call us all singers because we can all, pretty much, sing. Others call someone a singer whose hobby is singing. Others reserve the term for someone who engages in singing with professional seriousness and is considered a singer by those who are indisputably singers.
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          Sep 25 2013: Language, particularly Semantics, is imprecise. Such a question as "What is Art?" cannot be answered with any uniformity. Perhaps a more answerable question would be "What kinds of things can properly be considered Art?", or "What makes a person an Artist?". But, in the end, it comes down to arbitrary personal preference with each person tailoring the meaning to fit their purposes. Too bad.
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    Sep 25 2013: Art is the product of work. By work I mean moving a mass through a distance. Anything resulting from work is Art. No work=no Art. An empty space on the gallery wall is not Art, but a picture frame with no picture in it hung in that same space is Art. A skid mark on the road is Art. The road itself is Art. An idea, thought, or concept is not Art. A formally dressed, fully equipped orchestra sitting on stage in deliberate silence for an hour is Art. The monetary value of Art is a matter separate and distinct from Art itself. Each of the responses to your question is Art. To study Art is to study work.
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      Sep 25 2013: Many who are widely acknowledged as modernist artists have actually considered the idea or concept as the art, independent of execution.
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        Sep 25 2013: That begs the question: "What is not Art?"
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    Lejan .

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    Sep 24 2013: All revolutions of the past pushed the borders of freedom of the arts to the current point, that no further freedom whatsoever could be archived by any further revolution. Anything can be seen as art - anyone can choose to be an artist. More that that isn't possible at all.

    So 'art today' is only what you make out of it for yourself. Thats the new freedom, which also includes the observer... at least as long as you see art for its art and not as investments ...
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    Sep 26 2013: Clara,

    In my opinion, Art should not be define in terms of any effort (work) made to express imagination or thoughts or creativity. Art is not something that belongs to visual only. Also, Art is not always which attracts us. There may be something bad which we cant accept as an art, because it does not attracts us. That only means that is a bad art in our view. Why we say someone that 'He/she is a good listener'? Because, that one have the Art of listening. May be he/she not aware of his ability. Arts may come naturally without learning.

    Still people are learning Arts in other way, A Student learning 'Business management' is developing the Art of being successful businessman.

    Well, if your question is only about painter and sculptors. I must say those classical way of Art are rare now. Those rare painters and sculptors are being very professional also. Because, rare things are always heavy at cost. Now painters and sculptors do not make any Art with inner inspiration, They do this for fame or money.

    Things and thoughts changes as time changes. Nowadays Art is its Digital form, Animations, Photoshop etc. are the examples.
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      Sep 26 2013: I think you raise a good point that digital forms are a major medium the potential of which is being explored. Work using multiple media is another area, with many art schools departing from original disciplinary separations, just as academic institutions have so vastly increased their interdisciplinary offerings to embrace potential synergies in material, technique, form, and understanding.
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    Sep 24 2013: Clara, Don't hold your breath for new young artist to burst on the scene. This is all my opinion as I am not either a artist or a critic ... However I do know what I like and enjoy.

    When I was an Engineer in Ft Worth I went to the Ft Worth and Dallas events for the Arts. studied not only what was playing / showing / on display but also the funding ad management of these events. Want to bring Tut to town there are all sorts of requirement, not the least insurance, security, lighting, climate control, transportation, and the list goes on. There ain't no free lunch.

    In the past benefactors were the very wealth, heads of state, and the Pope. You were commissioned to do X for Y pay. The sad truth is that nation states can no longer afford to sponsor projects for years at a time. Even as we speak schools in the USA are focused on STEM and CORE ... the Arts which are electives are being phased out for lack of funding and in place of the Arts teachers are more STEM personnel. I liken this to the return to the Dark Ages. When a National Government declares Arts a meaningless pursuit at the secondary level of education the message is clear ... from the top to all of us at the bottom.

    My kids do not agree but I do not see Rap as a art form ... I do not understand twisted metal as a master piece (the junk yard should be worth millions) ... a canvas with one red dot in the center ... what the heck is that. Andy Warhol
    become famous but all I recall is a big soup can painting.

    Guess it boils down to money .. and ... what art form you enjoy. Me I'm a blue jeans and t-shirt basic kinda guy ... I enjoy soft music, the masters in literature and art, and the art of good conversation in the company of those I enjoy.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Sep 25 2013: Right on Robert, except for one thing. . . you are a Critic. Only those with no opinion are not critics.
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    Sep 24 2013: Computer gaming it today’s art.
    Some people have a hard time seeing it as art because a blending of art works and its interactive, so the viewer is part of its creation.
    Computer games take graphic artist, musicians, writers, actors and others, so art is evolving into a team activity and interactive/customizable to the viewer.
    I’m sure there soon will be artist using computer and 3D printers as their paint brushes and canvas, rather the artist uses an camera, stage, class, plants, or light the art will always be in the eyes of the beholder.