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TEDx event in highschool?

Hi everyone, I am thinking about creating a TEDx event in Robert Collehe (highschool, Istanbul). My idea is creating a group which I will be leading and creating the event.

What do you think? am I too late?

  • Sep 29 2013: Hi Dear Hilal ,never too late to learn:)
    If you are a high school teacher ,why not?it is really a good idea.Those teenagers are very enthusiastic and energetic.I organized two debating speeches at my school.One is about'how we understand'mother's love'.Another is:how we judge information from internet.I just be students' guider,they are really capable of that:design slid,host the debating...I think it is really a good way to learn lots of things.But it is pity,our oriented education is GaoKao.
    • Sep 29 2013: well, I am a junior. But I am very enthusiastic about TED. what do you think?