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Should you go back to a place or stick with the memory?

A recent return visit to Thailand and more specifically Ko Phi Phi has prompted me to consider the question 'Should you ever go back?' or to phrase it another way 'do our memories lie to us?'
In the 6 year gap, according to my memories, a lot has change in particular the commercialisation of the island as a tourist attraction and the development of the tourism industry in the region. The remote island paradise with pristine beaches where you could hang out and haggle with the local taxi boat drivers is no more, the first thing that hits you when you land on the island is a charge and then it spirals from there... even a hike to the viewpoint now incurs a charge! And the previously beautiful and remote Phi Phi Lay is a dirty over run tourist trap with a charge to see the famous 'beach' in Maya Bay. I enjoy travelling and exploring new places and can safely say that i will be going further afield in the future to try and reclaim excitement of the memory of Island Paradise that i found in Thailand 6 years ago.
However a small part of me has to consider the possibility of rose tinted glasses looking back? Or has reality shifted that much that I now have a replacement and more disappointing memory of the islands?


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  • Sep 26 2013: I guess you are feeling more impacted since you are visiting after a looong period and not seen change happen in front of your eyes. Go back if that will make you happy.

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