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The Power of Assumption- The effect of assumptions in everybody's life, whether big or small it affects the way we perceive

How many times have we assumed certain things about people in our workplace on the basis of little or no information we've had over the time. Is it a good practice or not? Personally i feel when we start assuming things we leave out opportunities, opportunities that otherwise can provide us with information and enlightning knowledge about the person or give us insights into the ways and methods of his or her lifestyle or beliefs.
In todays world most of our assumptions are because of the data that we obtain from the media. whether it is the understanding of another religion or the learning associated with it. How many of us can actually stand up and say that we've experienced everything we beleive. I daresay it won't be more than 40%
Its easier to assume things rather than obtain or experience them. Its more comfortable for a person to just sit on the laptop and read through an article by some journalist. What people don't understand the article is a perception of that person on the topic which we assume to be true, at that point of time we stop living our lives and become dummies who are easily swayed by other peoples ideas and thoughts. Our mental capacity to innovate reduces significantly as we only do what we read and assume to be true. Very few get the first hand experience.
Assumption of the presence of Weapons of Mass destruction lead to the Iraq war, it was only when somebody stopped assuming and started acting the true reason came out.
I hope we all can start living and stop assuming!


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  • Sep 28 2013: What happened to the man who made no assumptions? Nothing.

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