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According to TED letter relating to pseudo science, Einstein would not have been allowed to do a TED talk.

I'm a big fan of TED and free information, but today it was brought to my attention that TED has given instructions for vetting speakers, particularly in relation to genetically modified foods. I read the letter that was posted to talk organisers, and by definition of good science, I realised that Einstein would have been labelled by TED as a pseudo scientist, and not allowed to speak on TED talks. Many of Einstein's peers, whom at the time were considered to be experts in their field, discredited Einstein, even on theories we now consider to be mainstream.

Knowing that perhaps one of the most well known and most widely recognised scientists of recent time wouldn't be allowed to talk, surely raises the question of how these stipulated vetting processes were formed?


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  • Sep 30 2013: Einstein is a religious belief in Science. Not to belittle the man. Classifying him under pseudoscience would be gross oversimplification as well.

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