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All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players; By William Shakespeare

If i am able to explain; world is like stage or play, in which some get leading roles like Hero or Heroine, while some get supporting roles, guest appearances and negative roles. Although life is an ECG graph ups and down, DC current means life's end. These Roles are defined and if you perform them good you will get reward hereafter and vice versa. Everyone cant be first in class, everyone cant be legend or champion in sports or any other field. We just have to realize and perform our assigned role in best possible way. I want yours input on this philosophy kindly.

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    Sep 28 2013: Hassan,
    I embrace the idea that all the world is a stage and we are "players" in the life experience. As a professional actor for years, I learned that ALL roles in a play are equally as important, because the play could not take place without ALL characters.

    I perceive the real life experience in that way as well. ALL roles are supporting each other.....or could be! I learned while acting on stage, some of the same lessons I learned in the real life adventure....we need to put in our time, energy, and effort in every moment....preferably with good intent and clarity.

    I believe we make choices regarding how our role in the life experience plays out, and I believe the and the most important. The "reward" for me, is being in the and life to the best of my ability at any given time:>)
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      Sep 29 2013: Let me share my experience on this.
      I was into theater acting too and performed in the professional stage for 10 years. In a popular drama I played the role of a very negative man, almost a villain. A newspaper correspondent interviewed me about this character and asked if I enjoyed doing the role. When I answered in the affirmative, she asked, 'You think you have/had a part inside you like that character?
      Yes, I said.
      'Now that you know it, what are you going to do about it? ' she asked again.
      I said that I was done with it. It was inside me and I was happy in came out on stage and none got harmed because of it.
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        Sep 29 2013: I understand Pabitra:>)
        To play a role well, it helps to "know thyself" because we need to draw on something in our "self" if we want the character to appear as real as possible.

        We all have personas, archetypes, and characteristics that we may not use in our everyday lives, and we draw on these to create different characters on stage. You have heard of psycho-drama? It is a form of therapy, used to help people get in touch with underlying thoughts, feelings, behaviors etc. I had 10 years of psycho-drama while performing on stage, which was a HUGE opportunity to learn more about compassion and empathy.

        What better way to put ourselves in another person's shoes (so to speak) than actually playing out the role on stage? What better way to get in touch with our "self", and others, than knowing more about our personas/archetypes/characteristics, that may be on a subconscious level until they are brought into the light!

        I learned that we are given a script, and we can interpret it, and play it out in many different ways...just as we can in the real life adventure. Our life script begins with the family we are born into and what we are taught as children. We can accept that information as our script for life, and/or we can constantly evaluate the script we were given, make some different choices, and change some things if we choose.

        I worked with a GREAT director several times, who encouraged "playing" with the script during rehearsals. You know how scripts often say "she says angrily"...."joyfully".....or something like that?
        Well, this director always encouraged delivering the lines differently than the script directed during the first rehearsals. When we deliver a line with a different feeling, it changes the whole scene!

        This is one lesson I embraced in my real life experience. For example, if someone is angry/belligerent/argumentative, I realize that if I don't participate in that kind of encounter, it short circuits it, and they can be angry by themselves!
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          Sep 29 2013: This is one of the reasons I appreciate that my youngster, who normally studies quite different subjects with great passion, also is very invested in drama and can choose to take it for his arts course every year of high school. (It is customary in my state for the actual arts requirement to be two years, I think, but it is very common for kids in schools public and private to take three or even four years. Music would probably be the more common choice).
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        Sep 29 2013: That's great Fritzie, because I think it is a wonderful opportunity to learn. Both my kids participated in drama and music in elementary and high school, and one of them has a degree in theater arts/languages.

        A very creative theater director in a local high school started a program in which the kids write, direct and act the parts in short plays which draw on their personal experiences with abuse, drug/alcohol addiction, and various challenges the kids face. The program has been very successful and traveled around the state to different schools. After the performances, the writers/directors/actors meet with the audience to explore the particular topic. It really is a great way to get the kids thinking, creating, exploring and engaged with ideas for possible solutions for these real life challenges.
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          Sep 29 2013: My child's school involves kids in writing and directing as well, across a variety of topics.
  • Sep 24 2013: One may play his/her part in the comedy, without identifying one's self with the role.

    Wei Wu Wei
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    Sep 27 2013: You are always playing the leading role in your own heroic journey, even if you are not aware of this fact. One can play many other supporting roles as well (as Fritzie Reisner, and Tina Wang, point out below), but everyone has (by definition) to play the lead person in their own life.
  • Sep 23 2013: In terms of some reach glory, they touches anything that turns into GOLD while others struggle, both can be good in nature or vice versa but difference is always their. In that respect, i was talking Hero and Heroine.
  • Sep 23 2013: life is but a show, but in everyone's life, YOU are the hero or heroine; everyone else is the supporting role; I remembered a quote I read somewhere a long time ago but I still take it to the heart: never settle for the biggest dream there can possibly be; there is no "assigned role"; what that dream is can only be determined by the actor or actress, which is YOU!!
  • Sep 23 2013: Yes, not only the world becomes "smaller". or as a matter of fact, the population of the theater goers become much larger.
    Also most of the "performers" are playing roles which are not assigned, but they are usually play as themselves, and their "performance" could be "broadcasted" either voluntarily or involuntarily. And the drama watchers are from almost everywhere in the world through the mass media.
    The modern day "drama performers" are not artistically well trained, but the watchers are also not as demanding as the previous theater attendants either. However, they are actually watching the real authentic "performance" rather than artistic translation of the real story.
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    Sep 23 2013: Yes, you are the director and actor in your life with all kinds of scenarios and other participants. The most gripping part of it is you have to find the end of the play by yourself, which is also an exploration of yourself.

    Another point is men and women make up the wonderful world , they have their advantages respectively and are complementary to each other. There's a saying in Chinese: If a man works with a woman ,both of them don't feel tired. :)
  • Sep 23 2013: I agree we need to perform the best we can in every situation but assigned role. Since the Bard has been brought up, Hamlet - we have the choice to run, suffer or fight and die. Choosing one path and do the best you can.
  • Sep 23 2013: We encounter many frames in our lives Some we choose and some imposed on us.
    The old Stoics might tell us something like this that you will act certain ways because you are you.
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    Sep 23 2013: I don't think you have to think of yourself as having an "assigned role." In fact, doesn't the verse continue with the claim that each person in his time plays many parts?I don't remember a suggestion that those parts are chosen for you or assigned to you by others.

    I also don't think you have to think in terms of their being leading roles and supporting roles in the largest sense. You have a leading role in your life and in some other people's lives as well. And you probably have a supporting role in many lives.