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What should the New Deal be like?

We are living in an age where 1% of the population have 30% of the wealth, and as those plutocrats grasp that wealth tightly and give their sons and daughters every opportunity to follow their own paths, they turn into aristocrats and so the system goes on. I don't say the government has to cut the incentives and collect equal amount of tax from the "biggies". Taxation already differs for those biggies contributing to economic growth. But on the other side of the coin there are those who can't make the ends meet. Minimum wages are just above the poverty line. So, how is it possible to solve the problem of excessive inequality in income distribution? What can be done to implement the necessities of being a social state?


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    Sep 23 2013: Emulate what has been shown to work in the past. Look at this index and copy what the countries in the top 5 have and avoid what the bottom 5 have.


    Do you see any patterns?
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      Sep 23 2013: No, not at all. I dont think it is a reliable data. What is the source of the data and what kind of patterns do you want me to see?
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        Sep 23 2013: None are so blind as those who refuse to see .. If you read the details to the side of each country you will see that monetary freedom, business freedom, labor freedom, and fiscal freedom along with a balance of trade and a healthy balance of debits to GDP ratio.

        Factors considered are property rights, freedom from corruption, government spending, fiscal freedom, business freedom labor freedom, monitory freedom, open markets, trade freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom.

        Turkey is #69 on the chart. Click on Turkey and read the analysis. The data is from the Heritage Foundation in partnership with the Wall Street Journal. The little check to the far right will present the information as a graph.

        As a rule a countries "health" is rated on their economic power.

        The USA registered a loss of economic freedom for the fifth consecutive year, the U.S. has recorded its lowest Index score since 2000. Dynamic entrepreneurial growth is stifled by ever-more-bloated government and a trend toward cronyism that erodes the rule of law. More than three years after the end of recession in June 2009, the U.S. continues to suffer from policy choices that have led to the slowest recovery in 70 years. Businesses remain in a holding pattern, and unemployment is close to 8 percent officially and 20+% by most measures. Prospects for greater fiscal freedom are uncertain due to the scheduled expiration of previous cuts in income and payroll taxes and the imposition of new taxes associated with the 2010 health care law.

        To recover the USA must make significant policy reforms, reduce the size of government, transform costly entitlement programs, and streamline regulations.

        You ask what a "New Deal" should look like the chart provided by Pat is a road map to success.

        Be well Bob.
        • Sep 24 2013: Hong Kong is #1 and the central party in Beijing has said that if the wrong person is elected, they will choose the leader. Think they will do the same economically
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          Sep 24 2013: Robert, your comment is pretty explanatory and helpful. But i dont agree that your comments at the bottom are valid for me. Also the mistake is mine for not saying at the beginning that i want full explanations, not some sarcastic, short comments. Thank you for explanations and thank u pat for link.
    • Sep 23 2013: I agree we should follow all these top 5 countries, especially on gun control - 8>)) except maybe Switzerland.
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        Sep 24 2013: Please explain. What is the impact of gun control on the nations economy?
        • Sep 24 2013: creates a civil society which does not exist in certain places. but i also meant as a semi joke.
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      Sep 23 2013: Thanks for the ranking chart .... Did I miss anything in my reply to Enis.?
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        Sep 24 2013: Looks very good to me.

        You are more generous than me I was just going to tell him to go look up himself.

        I don't why he called his conversation a question?
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          Sep 24 2013: It was obvious to me he was not interested in the answer given. I'm not for sure what he is looking for but this was not it.

          He is caught up in redistribution of wealth koolade that Obama and the socialist / communist are preaching. The .. yeah I know he worked for it ... but I deserve some of what he worked for ... I just don't want to have to earn it .... got a plan for that?

          I have a answer for that ... but I would get kicked off of TED for stating it.
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          Sep 25 2013: Just look around. Dont they take some of what we all share for granted? Think about the pollution they create, for instance. I dont approve of giving out an equal share for different burden of work. But some guy talked about soemthing like “Sovereign Wealth Fund”. I would expect this kind of ideas but unfortunately labelling people is seen as a solution.

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