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What is it about asking for help that makes people less willing to ask? Is it easier to just put what you need rather than request it?

It seems that so many people in our world are adverse to the idea of asking for help or what they need. Why is it that people seem to hate to request things? Why do we feel shame, disgust, hatred when we rely on others?


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  • Oct 2 2013: When I was a little kid, about 5 years old, I was playing on the street with a little toy car my mom gave me, until accidentally it went into a sewer. First I tried to figure out how to recover my toy but none of my ideas was working. A neighbor girl about 6 or 7 year old saw what happened and tried to help me, she gave me more ideas and we even tried to lift the sewer but it was too heavy for us, so we finally gave up. I was very sad crying for my lost toy, but suddenly I saw 3 older boys coming towards us, so I told my friend I was going to request their help. I remember it as if it was yesterday, she told me: "no, don't dare to request help form those kids, you will be sorry", I didn't pay attention to her and I did request their help, one of the boys was about 12 years old, he lifted the sewer, recovered my toy and put back the sewer in place, then he said: "here it is, what are you going to give me in return?" I was a small kid so I didn't have any money and didn't have other toys either, so I told him I had nothing to give, then he told me he would take the toy with him as pay back for his effort, then he turn around and told his friends "I took away his toy, so stupid little kid" and they walked away laughing at me. That was the way I learned from a very young age to avoid asking or even accepting someone else's help.

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