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What is it about asking for help that makes people less willing to ask? Is it easier to just put what you need rather than request it?

It seems that so many people in our world are adverse to the idea of asking for help or what they need. Why is it that people seem to hate to request things? Why do we feel shame, disgust, hatred when we rely on others?


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  • Sep 24 2013: From my experience, it's mainly because of our sub-conscience need to be independent. To be superior. To be in control. To have power. When we are asking for help or favors from others, regardless of how they feel about it, we sort of feel that we are in their debt. We feel like we owe them something.

    I read somewhere that people would like you better if you ask favors from them. I can't remember the exact citation behind that claim but you can take my word for it. It had something to do with making the other person feel that we're inferior and that somehow makes them friendlier towards us.

    I suppose relying on others has the opposite effect of helping others.

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