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Will the middle east and other third world conflicts ever get resolved?

Since we can remember, since time immemorial.. Men have fought other men. For land, water, air, food, oil, ambitions and sometimes for sheer want of it. For centuries we went by the "Powerful rules the weak" way of things. and then we said enough and we moved towards world peace and democracy and United Nations. But whom are we fooling? We are pretty much where we were centuries ago? The definitions have changed a little though. The powerful today are the wealthy clan. Their poor brethren, make the weak. And the rest, you know the story. Does that mean it is inherent in us to be in a state of constant unrest? Does that imply that complete world harmony, and by harmony i don't mean the one that exists between nations but between humans, is implausible? Does that also imply that the human race will either feel the need to establish itself as superior or will have to fight for its sovereignty and integrity and honor? And if it is in our genes to battle, will it ever be enough to send delegations across the border or sip coffee at round table conferences and non alignment treaties? The world doesn't need its political system altered and corrected. What the world rather needs is a humanitarian system of looking at things. We don't teach that in schools today. I wonder why? We are so conditioned to hatred that we lose the ability to think with reasoning. Who will teach us that? We need to think about it. Each one of us, don't we? Only then can we raise a finger and say, our politicians need to change. After all they are one of us. Share your thoughts on the matter please!


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    Sep 23 2013: Only if the citizens get educated to the fact that hate is Caused and it is then a matter of exposing those who cause the hate.

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