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Will the middle east and other third world conflicts ever get resolved?

Since we can remember, since time immemorial.. Men have fought other men. For land, water, air, food, oil, ambitions and sometimes for sheer want of it. For centuries we went by the "Powerful rules the weak" way of things. and then we said enough and we moved towards world peace and democracy and United Nations. But whom are we fooling? We are pretty much where we were centuries ago? The definitions have changed a little though. The powerful today are the wealthy clan. Their poor brethren, make the weak. And the rest, you know the story. Does that mean it is inherent in us to be in a state of constant unrest? Does that imply that complete world harmony, and by harmony i don't mean the one that exists between nations but between humans, is implausible? Does that also imply that the human race will either feel the need to establish itself as superior or will have to fight for its sovereignty and integrity and honor? And if it is in our genes to battle, will it ever be enough to send delegations across the border or sip coffee at round table conferences and non alignment treaties? The world doesn't need its political system altered and corrected. What the world rather needs is a humanitarian system of looking at things. We don't teach that in schools today. I wonder why? We are so conditioned to hatred that we lose the ability to think with reasoning. Who will teach us that? We need to think about it. Each one of us, don't we? Only then can we raise a finger and say, our politicians need to change. After all they are one of us. Share your thoughts on the matter please!

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    Sep 23 2013: Only if the citizens get educated to the fact that hate is Caused and it is then a matter of exposing those who cause the hate.
  • Sep 24 2013: Let me concentrate only on the Middle East and the North African region where most of the inhabitants are Muslims.
    The conflict and violence, mostly happened between Muslims themselves because of differing ethnic groups, but even more so among several different branches of the Islam religion. For example, there have been constant conflicts between the Sunnis and the Shiites, but also among the governments and Taliban, Al Qaeda or other Jihadist organizations.
    The root cause of this senseless killing , mostly on the innocent civilians or bystanders, is the education systems in the region are almost always controlled by the religious leaders with the silent consent of the government administrators. As a matter of fact, in some of the countries, even the governments are controlled by the religious leaders, and in others the religious fanatics could openly kill, maim advocates of liberal education openly on the streets without too much of interference by the local police. What they teach in these schools are just twisted or distorted rules of the Koran and the schools are becoming the incubators of extremism and violence based on hatred at the so-called infidels.( include the Christians, Jews, Hindus, or any non religious believers and all, and even some fellow Muslims!) The result of such education system is that most of the young and old generations in these countries are either the extremists, or at least are accustomed to such behavior and feel no alarm or awareness of their neighbors or friends with such attitude or behavior.
    The solution is quite obvious, but very difficult to implement. The governments there, are simply not amenable to any basic change to religious-free education. And since most of the chaos and violence happens within each individual countries, outside interference is not politically justified or "legally" allowed or accepted.
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    Sep 24 2013: Dear friend I think the main solution is increasing the number of wise people. And to do it, increasing the investment on people not only industry. Increasing the education with science and maths and literature and also, increasing knowledge about humanity, religion, love and mercy.
    I do recommend you to watch this video. It displays the need of wisdom.
  • Sep 24 2013: What is the deepest root of All Violence? Without exception........
  • Sep 24 2013: We can hope but I have my doubts - think man will fight even if the reason has been forgotten. If it is for limited resources, then self interest will override the desire for peace.
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    Sep 23 2013: May be yes. But it needs to all countries (important or not so important) deeply engage in the task of finding peace and make an effort to it. Today, it seems this effort is only possible when it suits the interests of each one.
    I see no reason why, if countries wish, they can get it.
    And, in addition, don't forget that countries are composed with people. And people, vote.
  • Sep 23 2013: Only the dead have seen the end of war.

    As long as there are limited resources to compete over, and various idiots willing to instigate conflicts over less rational reasons (like a difference of religion), we'll have conflict. The first is enforced by physics, the second, by human stupidity; I'm not sure which is the harder of the two to resolve...
  • Sep 23 2013: Over time issues get blurred A heated argument now may become a disagreement unintelligible to future generations. Over the centuries things change.