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Government Do No Harm

Should our politicians voluntarily take a Hippocratic oath of "do no harm"? With the threat of closing the government of the United States of America, does this action, either passive or active do harm to our American citizens? Does a passive stance imply acceptance?

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    Sep 23 2013: they couldn't do anything then
  • Sep 23 2013: Pacifism on a national scale is essentially asking for the other major powers to come and take your things and ignore your interests by force of arms. Being pacifistic, all you could do is pay them off (if your economy can support it), which means they'll just come back and ask for more later.

    I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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    Sep 23 2013: Kelly, Hitler was welcomed by many because of the social programs he promised to those in distress. Everyone looked forward to medical programs, food programs, and jobs. No harm was seem in accepting this assistance.

    If the country is short of money then why not print more ... If banks are in trouble why not bail them out .... If millions of people break the law then it must be a bad law, change it .... If we spend more than we make , who cares. On the surface, without any thought, these appear as if they would do no harm. Lets take all of the coal fired power plants off the grid .... how would we replace over three quarters of the power now being generated? Sounds good if you don't think about it ... no harm right?

    No one wants to close the government ... That is always the claim. The budget fight is the only time when one side will listen to the other. As a Independent I try to listen to both sides. The fed has been printing 85 million dollars a month and putting it into circulation for a long time .... it never reaches anyone who needs it and weakens the dollar. We spend more than our GDP and have programs waiting more funding in this budget.

    Although cleverly worded the question is misleading and extremely political. We are on the very edge of a depression and recession ... that is the major fight. It is not passive and aggressive ... it is about the very survival of the country.
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    Sep 23 2013: By noting that action or inaction can advance the interests of some while reducing the interests of others (relative to an alternative course one might take), I think you are on the way to answering your own question about whether the Hippocratic oath" would make any sense for those making public policy decisions.