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What would you like written on your headstone?

Well, we have our life, we live it and die.

If there was something worth doing beyond our death - what would be written on your graveyard headstone for the benefit of those after you?

Please don't post about the likelihood of actually having a headstone - this is a hypothetical question about your ultimate legacy.


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  • Sep 23 2013: I think i know what WTF means and therefore I am wondering if that is dignified for you.

    Not many people will see or care about what is on our headstones. However, people will see how you live, read what you write, and hear what you say. There are old teachings: 'As you associate, so you become'. Also, 'you are what you eat'. Perhaps you are best known for your decisions for that is the person you model, live, speak, write, and acknowledge in others of same or similar decisions.

    So, maybe the words, 'I tried to make good decisions' would be appropriate. Food for thought.
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      Sep 24 2013: Hi Mark,

      Thanks - very helpful!

      I sometimes walk through graveyards and stop to read.
      I don't seek them out, but if you walk, they will be encountered .. It jags my attention.
      Mostly, it is blank statistics, sometimes you can see trends in what killed people and the ages people were dying. For instance, the very old gravestones have many more children.
      These days cremation is more common, but graveyards don't represent the cremated as well as gravestones.
      It makes me wonder if we lost a basic opportunity - hence this thread.

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