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What would you like written on your headstone?

Well, we have our life, we live it and die.

If there was something worth doing beyond our death - what would be written on your graveyard headstone for the benefit of those after you?

Please don't post about the likelihood of actually having a headstone - this is a hypothetical question about your ultimate legacy.

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    Sep 25 2013: First of all,i am 17.This is definitely a topic unsuitable for my age.But,anyway that's just the way our life is.Life is like everything,it has a beginning,a middle and an end.As soon as one was born,he/her started the life-long process of approaching death.Life itself is somehow just like a wonderful gift,but nevertheless it does not always belong to you,it passes from the current generation to the next generation.

    Thank you so much,Mitch.Your question reminds me of the precious time to be cherished across the life span.We shall do something that adds value to who we are till the end of the day.
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      Sep 25 2013: Wanna see your energy of beautiful life blooming in profusion without too much homework and study.:)

      Good luck!
  • Sep 24 2013: I'll Be Right Back
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    Sep 24 2013: Let me have a good sleep, see you later.
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    Sep 24 2013: I would put a QR code to my comments on TED Conversations.
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    Sep 23 2013: "I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK" --Woody Allen
  • Sep 23 2013: I think i know what WTF means and therefore I am wondering if that is dignified for you.

    Not many people will see or care about what is on our headstones. However, people will see how you live, read what you write, and hear what you say. There are old teachings: 'As you associate, so you become'. Also, 'you are what you eat'. Perhaps you are best known for your decisions for that is the person you model, live, speak, write, and acknowledge in others of same or similar decisions.

    So, maybe the words, 'I tried to make good decisions' would be appropriate. Food for thought.
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      Sep 24 2013: Hi Mark,

      Thanks - very helpful!

      I sometimes walk through graveyards and stop to read.
      I don't seek them out, but if you walk, they will be encountered .. It jags my attention.
      Mostly, it is blank statistics, sometimes you can see trends in what killed people and the ages people were dying. For instance, the very old gravestones have many more children.
      These days cremation is more common, but graveyards don't represent the cremated as well as gravestones.
      It makes me wonder if we lost a basic opportunity - hence this thread.
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    Sep 25 2013: I already have this in the final instructions...

    " I did it my way "

    I know it sounds pompous and self serving, so I asked my sons... They all agreed. One commented that he was surprised that I didn't tick off more people along the way.
    That was before I joined TED
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      Sep 25 2013: Well .. in TED we just flag each-other.
      That's a fascinating growth-curve .. I've leaned a lot from it!

      "I did it my way" .. well that's better than "Fred said it was safe to play with the tiger"

      We get accused of being "selfish" but damned if I can actually achieve being "other-person-ish"

      If you discount the accusation as a political lever, that leaves a comment on domination - now there's a study!

      I'll do things my way till I observe a better way, then it becomes my way .. but if I get forced to do it someone else's way .. well .. that's depressing .. domination .. gotta be careful of outcomes.
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    Lejan .

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    Sep 24 2013: Short! Way to short ... ;o)
  • Sep 23 2013: Left in Peace
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    Sep 23 2013: it should end with "etc"
  • Sep 23 2013: Interested in the physical sciences and mathematics
    Served his country in the Marines
    Raised some happy cattle
    We'll have to wait to see if there is more.
  • Sep 23 2013: He tried
  • Sep 27 2013: I dont need a body anymore..
  • Sep 26 2013: Was that it, then?
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    Sep 26 2013: YOU CAN COME WITH ME
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    Sep 25 2013: I have found my life worth living,and would gladly live it again if the chance were offered me.
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    Sep 25 2013: i will be back as a baby!
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    Sep 24 2013: i knew this was going to happen
  • Sep 24 2013: Let my family and friends that survive me decide, the tombstone is for their sake, not for mine.

    Personally, once I'm dead, I wouldn't really care for my legacy. Or anything else for that matter.
  • Sep 24 2013: It's a grave situation
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    Sep 24 2013: What is this, some kind of bad joke? All I asked was to be burned to ashes!
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    Sep 23 2013: Forgive me.
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    Sep 23 2013: I'm thrilled this chit is over and I did my best to make it better for the next generation. :)
  • Sep 23 2013: Respect your ignorance as you would respect a powerful enemy.

    When making decisions, remember that the ultimate outcome will be affected by a huge number of factors, and your control over those factors, over time, is very small at best. Your knowledge is never adequate, especially in a world that is changing incomprehensibly. Even so, you must have self confidence.

    (WTF indeed.)
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    Sep 22 2013: Right now - I'd like this to be written: