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What's more beneficial: Revolution or Evolution?

All of us had seen the so called Egyptian revolution on our TV channels, whom Karl Marx would, without wasting a fraction of second, recall as ideological state apparatuses trying to perpetuate the ruling class's point of view. But how many of us actually had thought over the need for revolution? Revolution, Revolution and Revolution is always talked about but the reason, the real one, is never debated. The Egyptian revolution geared by social media hypes ended up not different than a social media debate which pretty much clarifies the wrongly perpetuated need for a revolution. Turn the page, and think over evolution. Isn't evolution what we need? Is this the age of revolution or evolution? It's not 1789, it's modernly-trimmed society of 2013. do they need revolution? will they accept revolution? With media at hands, as Marx calls it, won't the ruling class turn the revolution toward its hidden goals?


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  • Sep 24 2013: I would say it is more of a pendulumn swing that is either getting more or less arc. There will always be those that are in power, no matter what is said or done. Those in power, will allways take care of their own first, even if they are seen to give care or thought to those less fortunate. I do not see us evolving by much, but then that is not necessary is it. Evolution takes time, a great deal of it, that is what is generally allows the neysayers that it isn't correct, and allows them to put forth intelligent design. Evolution of thought is definately more important, without it we are doomed to repeat mistakes with different players.
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      Sep 26 2013: Evolution takes time, no doubt, and so do revolutions. The 'neysayers' are irrelevant as they will predict revolution and evolution against them as incorrect, deviant and probably stupid.

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