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New technologies that are able to read our conscious mind?

Anyone believe that this could be possible someday? Technology that will be able to read our conscious mind and interpret it thoroughly. If possible, think of all the problems that can be solved if such technology could exist.

  • Apr 15 2011: I think this technology could someday be present. It would be very helpful to those who are disabled. There could be a speaker hooked next to the person's mouth and that connects to the brain. The technology could read people's minds and put anything they think in the speaker. They could turn it on and off if they didn't want others to hear their thoughts at the moment. Maybe it could help babies talk at an earlier age. There seem to be endless possibilities with reading minds.
  • Apr 25 2011: There is already something similar being developed. Compared to what's been mentioned it's fairly simplistic but could be an entry point into some of the more complex uses of using your mind to accomplish things.

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    Apr 15 2011: i dont think you need technology to do this.
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      Apr 15 2011: Agree . . . but you might need the technology to read the subconscious and how fascinating that would be.
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    Apr 14 2011: Hmm, Maybe. But would it be beneficial to society?

    It could be very dangerous technology...
  • Apr 14 2011: I don't doubt that it will someday be possible.

    It would especially revolutionize the field of psychology!