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Can a culture be developed where there is no "welfare"?

With all of the advancements in technology it is becoming obvious that there will be less need for "labor". The problem then becomes one of what to do with people. How will they "make a living"?
I would like to suggest that instead of "welfare" it becomes the responsibility of government to supply a "job" for EVERYONE. To live in the country one must work. Instead of "unemployment offices" there are "employment offices"
Can such a system exist?


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    Oct 14 2013: In my opinion, culture must suffer difficulties when welfare does not exist yet. People finds difficult to spend their money in culture; official funds for helping to develop culture may be restricted or dissapear; awards with money prices are restricted or changed into honorific ones, and so on. In that circumstances, private initiative may be the only alternative. But if enterprises are firing employees and cutting budgets, horizons are deep black.
    In despite of al this, culture may survive, but it's necessary a big dose of faith and hope.
    • Oct 15 2013: What makes a "culture" survive is beyond me, but I do recognize that most cultures contain within it a "welfare" section. Taking care of those within the group seems to be an inherent part of being human, but this can be shown in different ways - eliminating the old and infirmed (Eskimo); religion contains welfare for the poor, pure capitalism however, demands every man for himself.

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