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Do you really think school kills creativity ..???

Everyone always wants to say that, but I think creativity rests within the person. School doesn't make up all of a child's day, so whether they want to expand they're creativity is solely up to them. In most schools, art Is a mandatory class. So to blame the schools for a lack of creativity is more of a way to push of the responsibility of generations of people who weren't interested in helping themselves and they're children become more creative.

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    Oct 14 2013: I think it's too harsh to say that "school kills creativity".

    In some way, there are some learning methods in school that could kills creativity in their student. For example : The image that teacher always right, and if a student has a different view from the teacher, the student is wrong.

    But it didn't literally kills creativity. It is up to the students whether they decide to practice it in their daily life or not.

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