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Do you really think school kills creativity ..???

Everyone always wants to say that, but I think creativity rests within the person. School doesn't make up all of a child's day, so whether they want to expand they're creativity is solely up to them. In most schools, art Is a mandatory class. So to blame the schools for a lack of creativity is more of a way to push of the responsibility of generations of people who weren't interested in helping themselves and they're children become more creative.

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  • Oct 4 2013: I think,
    of what most kills creativity, is the mechanics concepts of the binary answers, the "yes or no".
    You are wrong or right, correct or incorrect, better or worst.

    In a example:
    In a need to know if the children is learning, the schools makes questions
    to the students to see if they hold that knowledge.
    It reveals the students who learned more.
    Of course, when you are correct,
    you are better than the other who answered it wrong.

    Well, is that really obviously?
    The way that each one learn is a little different to the others, maybe much different in some cases.
    The concept that the correct answer is better, is the real deal.
    It could be, or could not. And why not the two things at the same time?

    (Imagine a school)
    if I had make a question of "What color is the sun?"
    This class(with 3 kids) is teaching 3 colors this day; blue, yellow and green.
    The answers was:
    Bryan: "Yellow"
    John: "Green-Green"
    Robin: "I dunno."
    Should be easy to us make the judgment that just Bryan got it right. Right?

    Surprises...Robin remember a remarcable trip with her dad,
    they saw a beatiful sunset and the sun was red(diferent from the yellow).

    And Jonh?
    Green is kind a strange, most of the teachers(also you and me) would say he's wrong and that is it.
    Think if Jonh is daltonic? Still makes no sense, because daltonic only confuses red with green.
    Neither that do not explain "green-green", but Jhon uses to play with his father's oil ink and he remember
    the orange color made by using red + green, and he thinks the sun is orange.

    Who knows? Who is better?
    Who is more creativity?

    This short story i've made is to explain that, the creativity is there, and we can
    kill it in the moment we create the ideia of someone as he has to be, not what he is.
    It do not happens just in schools.

    Each one of us is a lot creativity, in different ways.
    What happens is that we forget it when we start the concept of better.

    There is no better, just different.

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      Oct 8 2013: Great point.

      School, like everything in the past decades had been suffer from the contamination of the industry era and the needing for production scale up. Like everything, schools and even universities had turned out to be a knowledge factory, and like every factory they were concerned about the production.

      In this way, schools were tracing their way to improve the quantity of the students they can support. In a time when mostly people didn't had even the choice to study or not, it was quite reasonable. But now, it is not.

      What you see in the old ages can be the opposition of that. Teachers were called mentors, and they usually have a few or just one student. Otherwise, only a few people had this choice in their options, maybe only the royalty or something like that. When the teaching starts to follow up another rules where everybody could (or should) have the opportunity to study, things became to change. The professor that could do well with his pupil, now have to teach for a class with, sometimes, a hundred or more students. See how this is really similar about the industry revolution and how the handcraft turned into the standard industrial craft?

      Actually, what happened is quite the same about the production model and the teaching model. Students that were handcraft, now are crafted into lots with a standardization.

      What today schools really kill is the unique and personal creativity of the individual. Now, they produce creativity in lots too.

      Exploring the diversity of life is a key-factor that we were missing for a long time, but now humanity is back to this subject. And it's not about the diversity of species, ecosystems and so on. It's mostly about the diversity of the human being itself and how we challenge life.

      But things are gonna change soon. We just need more believers and change-makers to put the plan into work. Actually, we already now that something is wrong. This need to be just the start of something great.

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