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Do you really think school kills creativity ..???

Everyone always wants to say that, but I think creativity rests within the person. School doesn't make up all of a child's day, so whether they want to expand they're creativity is solely up to them. In most schools, art Is a mandatory class. So to blame the schools for a lack of creativity is more of a way to push of the responsibility of generations of people who weren't interested in helping themselves and they're children become more creative.

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    Sep 22 2013: Candidly speaking, it really doesn't depend on school or teachers, rather I believe that it depends upon the individual itself. If the individual has the craze to be creative, then he is going to innovate even from the cracks in the structure.
    I agree to the last part with a little amendment and that is: though individuals vary in different aspects but this difference itself fulfills the purpose of being running behind the same aim. They are different and yet this difference makes them similar. So, for a fraction of second, the generalized question like this is of little use but for the other half of the second, this generalized question can be used to draw out fruitful conclusions.

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