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English and History classes: Necessities?

I am in the IB program at my high school, and am required to take Higher Level English ad Higher Level History. During history class one day, my teacher was talking to me about the necessity of history class, but to most students the class still seemed "pointless." My teacher's viewpoint is that history class serves as a class to educate the students about how society functions, and the failures and successes in society through political, economic, and social changes.

Some of the students in my class argue that the basic concepts are to be studied, but not the in-depth knowledge of the subject.

In the US, should history classes teach students about the government functions most importantly? We all work in the society, and we all should have historical (and economic) knowledge to have an input in the current government (locally and worldly).

Some students, by high school, know what they want to study, while others do not.

The reason some students are arguing the value of history classes is because the depth of the class is too much for what is needed to be known and understood. The major areas in the world are history (political), and sciences, in terms of school classes that we, students, take. In the IB program most students are interested in the sciences, being able to take organic chemistry in high school or college-level biology 2. They want to further their education.

As for English classes, all I see is learning more about writing skills (essays, voice, tone...)

Current suggestions for discussion: Should the education system have classes, such as US Government and economics, required in elementary to sophomore year of high school, while not requiring further history classes in a student's junior and senior years of high school?

I would appreciate your input on:
How English and History are necessities? To what extent?
How should the education system change in terms of history and english classes, if they should even change?


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    Sep 22 2013: If we were to mandate logic, philosophy and sociology at an earlier stage in education, the purposes behind the need to have history and english classes would be more self apparent. We need to recognize the world is larger, the world is global and we need to educate our children on a broader level at a younger age. Our educational system is "focused" and the beam needs to be broader to showcase how fun education really can be. Our youth is the not the youth of my generation or my mothers, our youth has more tools, more knowledge, more opportunities and more pitfall, we must revamp our educational structure to recognize these worldwide changes.
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      Sep 22 2013: Education structure is an ever-changing system, it changes in the pace and scope that you might not recognize it. The textbooks are being changed,new ingredient is being ingrained to book each year. Positively,this system is slowly upgrading. What you are talking about maybe is the reform or overhaul of our education system,this might apply in some certain point of the history. Need a social consensus to carry out any leaps and bounds in the progress of education system. Apparently,how you were raised is significantly different from the way your child is being raised.

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