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Using current infrastructure to lower the demand for diesel fuel

I am suggesting that we use the extensive interstate system to support a simple Pneumatic tube system for shipping of goods currently being transported buy truck. It could be installed above ground and with the KISS theory applied, keeping cost down.
On interstate five in California where I envisioned this tube system I saw it to be only 24" in diameter and driven by the aqueduct with simple paddle wheel type vacuum station along the line. I have pondered the use of the pressure wave generated by the flow of traffic to drive the tube. But it could be driven by many sources.
Pneumatic tube

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    Sep 22 2013: Hi Will,
    This is analogous to Pipeline Pigging in the North Sea & other oilfields. A slug is sent through a pipe for maintenance purposes, driven by oil, water, or air. I think you would find that the power requirements & installation/maintenance costs would far outweigh the undeniable advantages.
    We eagerly await the garden shed inventor having a eureka moment. It could be you.

  • Sep 22 2013: Pipelines But be careful what you send down the pipeline.