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Next science revolution involving nanotechnology, and tissue engineering?

Dr. Michiu Kaku recently had a presentation where he discussed the future of society. His idea of scientific revolutions: Nanotechnology, tissue (bio) engineering, and autonomous technology.

Do you think that tissue engineering will be a major breakthrough in science and society? What do you think it will change?

I see that tissue engineering can bring a new industry of in vitro culturing of meats, non-ethical transplant solutions, etc.

As for nanotechnology in the medical field, I see safer ways of drug transportation, and more efficient electrical conductors, etc.

What do you think?

  • Sep 22 2013: Not sure about tissue engineering, very interesting but I think it needs a break through to make it economically feasibile.

    nano technology is further ahead and is being used today in industry. It shows tremendous promise. It also has a long history in physical chemistry and material science.
  • Sep 22 2013: It'll be a major game changer certainly.
    Don't expect the change to be immediate however. These thing take time, first to prove the concept is feasible, than making it practical, and only then wriggling its way into general use.

    The internet was around for quite a few decades before it gained any real significance after all, but once it did kick in (gradually, of course) it changed everything.
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    Sep 22 2013: Definitely the future and it will change everything...
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    Sep 22 2013: We dabble at the very edge of our understanding. No doubt there will be both good, & not so good results
    How about some recognition for the engineer who built the whole system in the first place ?
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    Sep 22 2013: Entirely the wrong approach.

    Domination and control leave waste lands and legacies for future generations in there wake.

    Only reverence for nature and all her symbiotic interconnections

    can we find wisdom and longevity.

    Frankenstein is now embodied in the human image. Connect the dots...
  • Sep 22 2013: From what I have seen about tissue engineering, the science is quite spectacular.

    However, as the payer of health insurance premiums and medical bills not covered by insurance, I wonder if it will ever be financially reachable for the average person.