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Monsanto is an organisation that is poisoning the world.

We must spread the word that Monsanto is a criminal corporation and we must reject the use of GMO crops.

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    Sep 26 2013: Two points....
    Ok, I am not sure about the criminality thing. It is not illegal to manufacture cigarettes, whiskey, beer and wine and a lot of things that (one could make the argument) are dangerous. Spreading the word could open one to civil liability.
    I can see that one could reject the use of GMO crops. Others accept and even embrace the concept that these crops can have beneficial effects in the solution of world hunger problems. There have been statements that GMO crops can have serious consequences if ingested. These comments have not been verified by regulatory agencies. It has been said that these agencies have been suppressed in their findings by GMO manufacturers through bribery and political corruption. Again, these accusations have not substantiated by competent authority. So, In any case, the use of GMO crops is a personal choice. If you eat these foods and you fall victim to some malady, then those who feel strongly about the rejection of GMO crops can say "told you so". If not, you can say "told you so".
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      Oct 2 2013: Monsanto is dangerous for the global health in a social and economical manner. It is not so much about their modified crops but about their policies with patents and their ways of monopolizing the food market on a worldwide scale.

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