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Monsanto is an organisation that is poisoning the world.

We must spread the word that Monsanto is a criminal corporation and we must reject the use of GMO crops.

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  • Sep 26 2013: Understand you see the power of production as a benefit. I also agree regulation matters. It is an issue when regulation is not clear enough to be enforced. There is not as yet proof of negativity but usually proof takes time and by a decade or two later, we usually end up paying a price. Sometimes, abeit a heavy one.
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      Sep 26 2013: Point taken.
      In the past, mankind's concerns with problematic solutions oft times fell to the "law of unintended consequences"
      Remember DDT? A very effective insecticide that promised to eradicate Malaria and other insect born diseases, well, there were problems. And the anti DDT proponents won the day and the product was banned.
      Malaria is back as deadly as ever, West Nile virus and a number of other insect borne disease have spread from their origins and now are spreading across across the world. Could DDT have been altered to control the side effects and remained effective against the spread of these diseases? We will never know and our efforts to find an effective replacement is not going well..
      GMO crops have shown that they are more productive then the old crops and with our expanding population, that is a good thing. We have the capability to feed the growing population and preventing global food shortages. But what about side effects? There are claims that have yet to be substantiated. Anti-GMO people have claimed suppression by bribery, political influence and other illegal activities. . And that has yet to be confirmed. So, Does the world eliminate GMO as it did DDT as an example? We can treat malaria and other diseases with drugs with fewer losses.... is there an effective drug to cure hunger?
      On a personal level, I don't use artificial sweeteners because I think they are bad for me. Others think I am being foolish and use these sweeteners. I accepted that. For those who are troubled with GMO crops, do what I do about sweeteners... don't use them.
      • Sep 26 2013: Speaking of DDT, I believe you'll find Mosanto's name in the bag. They were into weed killers? Well the anti DDT proponents did prevail in those days.

        Oh, I definitely agree we should not use them but its really hard to know whether you are using GMO crops... when its not always labelled so
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          Sep 27 2013: So, it's not about food, it's about labeling...
      • Oct 1 2013: The ban on DDT was partly Monsanto's fault actually. When they were notified of the problems with DDT they had an extended time frame during which they could have and were advised to, change the formula, make modifications and or voluntarily pull the product which would have allowed them to keep it. They refused these options and governments were left with no choice but a ban. These are political decisions government is not noted for its structure for nuance. In the case of GMOs, again Monsanto gave themselves this black eye (along with any other GMOs) by being aggressively dogmatic in their refusal to address the problems associated with some GMOs, then their Machiavellian political actions designed to force entire regions/countries into long term dependent relationships with them. There are corns grown in isolated regions of the Mexican peninsula which now bear the genetic markers of Monsanto GMO even though these people have never traded with Monsanto. Monsanto's response was to sue them for infringing on their patent. Monsanto has a very sick corporate mentality, and sadly we will all suffer, GMOs are being introduced (have been introduced) without proper understanding of their impact across generations or food supply chains. And they have chosen to be arrogant and often mean about the problems. The result may be bans which will be bad for us all. If I were them I would reorganize into smaller chunks and change my name among other things, but they need to be brought to heel or some one will end up bringing them down.

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