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Monsanto is an organisation that is poisoning the world.

We must spread the word that Monsanto is a criminal corporation and we must reject the use of GMO crops.

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    Sep 24 2013: I'm not sure if the genetically engineered food Monsanto produces is all that bad. It's not like the DNA from the altered plant matter can survive digestion, and incorporate itself into our own DNA to replicate and cause mutation. We're not even within the plant kingdom, so harm caused by genetic engineering is virtually impossible. The real concern should be directed toward pesticides and chemical fertilizer. These products are important in maintaining productivity among crops, but tighter regulation of pesticides couldn't hurt.
    • Oct 2 2013: The genetic material they use to modify the plant is often animal or bacterium such as E coli. They use fish genes to make better tomatoes. I am not saying all GMOs are bad, just be cautious of assuming they are only using plant material. It is the tweaking of the bacterium into things designed to modify the genetic material of something else that is alarming.

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