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Is Philosophy dead?

Was it buried beneath pragmatic scientific discourse? Stabbed through the heart by the stake of probability. Is there any room for conjecture in the button down business of modern scientific thought? In the world of proof, what is the point of pondering?

I sometimes chuckle and think philosophers and theologians are off in a corner somewhere playing chess, while the scientific community is haphazardly reinventing our reality.

Is there truth in the evident, or are we chasing our own tail?


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  • Sep 29 2013: Well...your philosophy in communication needs work. I had to scroll to find the context for your statements. It would seem to me that you are as contrary as the supposed scientific community. That alone leads to an uncertainty in our progress - something to "ponder". I think it is important to articulate thoughts as simply as possible. I notice that as my mind works to simplify a thought I learn more about the topic.
    • Sep 30 2013: Scott - I composed the question so that it would be open to interpretation. It wasn't my intention to be abstruse or contrary. I wanted the question compelling enough for people to respond, without it being overtly opinionated. Admittedly it's a difficult line to walk.

      That said, I find the diverse view points expressed fascinating.

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