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Is Philosophy dead?

Was it buried beneath pragmatic scientific discourse? Stabbed through the heart by the stake of probability. Is there any room for conjecture in the button down business of modern scientific thought? In the world of proof, what is the point of pondering?

I sometimes chuckle and think philosophers and theologians are off in a corner somewhere playing chess, while the scientific community is haphazardly reinventing our reality.

Is there truth in the evident, or are we chasing our own tail?


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    Sep 27 2013: "Philosophy is the mother of all sciences"

    I don't think it's dead, but contemporary philosophy cannot go without feedback from the sciences.

    On the edges of our knowledge (which keeps on expanding) have dire need of philosophers.
    But are the philosophers there? Ior are most of them playing the proverbial chess...
    • Sep 27 2013: At one time, "science" and "philosophy" were the same thing. The idea that they are somehow separate is very new and may turn out to not be correct. I'm reminded of someone I knew who told me that Mathematics is the "purest" of the sciences. I asked him what "contaminated" all the other sciences--reality?
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        Sep 27 2013: :-)
        I would consider math as part of logic (or logic a part of math, depending on the definitions)... I don't think it is a science, as it is not (at least directly) based on observation. Although evidentialists would claim math also came through observation and a lot of abstraction...

        I think that it's difficult to excel at all sciences and philosophies, as it has become quite a huge field... hence the separations I guess.
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      Sep 30 2013: Its True, Philosophy is the mother of all sciences... Science is only an offshoot of philosophy. That’s why we still go on giving PhD’s to scientists – PhD in chemistry, PhD in physics, PhD in mathematics – but PhD means doctor of philosophy.

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