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Is Philosophy dead?

Was it buried beneath pragmatic scientific discourse? Stabbed through the heart by the stake of probability. Is there any room for conjecture in the button down business of modern scientific thought? In the world of proof, what is the point of pondering?

I sometimes chuckle and think philosophers and theologians are off in a corner somewhere playing chess, while the scientific community is haphazardly reinventing our reality.

Is there truth in the evident, or are we chasing our own tail?


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    Sep 25 2013: Mark, can I try to answer some questions?

    Interesting! May we define philosophy as attempts to reconcile material with spiritual realities?
    * Philosophy is something connected with our lives, example, languages, and value.

    What is philosophy to a person adamantly concluding there is nothing spiritual or there are no spiritual realities?
    * There is spiritual reality. Spiritual aspect can be understood as steam.

    How is philosophy useful for persons who adamantly conclude all answers might be found in science and material studies but cannot explain everything, as you say? Yes.

    Mysteries abound! Who will find the answers or the pathway to answers without philosophy? Yes.

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