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Groups that assert political, economic, and influence on world leaders.

If in conversation someone was to mention the Bilderberger Group, Trilateral Council, or the Council on Foreign Relations .... would you know of them ... what they stand for ... how much influence they carry ...

Answer honestly ... look them up ... anyone shocked?

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    Sep 21 2013: And the UN, G7/8/9/10, whatever, Skull & Bones, Freemasons, etc. etc.
    Christian preachers have been going on about these guys for decades. I guess that's just another excuse to ignore them, but they are just pieces in the World Government jigsaw.

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    Sep 21 2013: Robert,
    No, I am not shocked, nor do I have a need or desire to look up the organizations you mention. We KNOW that there are a lot of groups that assert influence on leaders. Is your point to try to create shock?
  • Sep 21 2013: No.

    In conversation, were a friend or colleague to mention one of them, I would ask first who they are, then try and filter how they are relevant to our communication. If it were important enough, I would probably do a bit of research to see how credible they were as a source for the information being provided. If I find them to be a think tank, lobbyist, or media spin doctor of some kind, I look for other sources to corroborate what is being presented or form my own opinion.
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    Sep 21 2013: I wonder if we give these clandestine groups too much credit, perhaps it is human nature?

    It seems to me the answers we already know are worth studying. How the FED benefits the cronies with inflation and low interest rates. How the war benefits the cronies aka defense contractors. How the budget would be balanced if we got rid of Some of the subsidies. The accretion of a centralized government since day one.
  • Sep 21 2013: Psssst. Where did our democracy go? I swear it was around here somewhere.
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    Sep 21 2013: I suspect the real shock from this post will be the general lack of interest. Most of the people I know grow glassy-eyed when the subject arises. I don't think the average person wants to know who really runs things. All the power in a Representative Republic like the USA rightly belongs in the hands of elected officials. Your question goes to that very issue, so the shock comes when we see how little interest there is in such an important question. Shocking!
  • Sep 21 2013: There are many associations and groups that influence politics. For your economic and personal interests you need to join some.
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      Sep 21 2013: Thanks ... I am not a big joiner ... I often attend and then go home and do the research. Most meetings are pretty much designed to pump you up ... sign you up ... collect donations / dues ... and then they have you and attempt to control you.

      That is only my opinion. I am very careful what I join.

      Be well Bob.
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        Sep 21 2013: Robert,
        It's a choice to support organizations or not, and I don't choose to go to a group meeting that is meant to "pump you up...sign you up...collect donations/dues....and attempt to control you".

        Most people participating on TED are pretty informed, and we all have the ability to research something if we have an interest.
      • Sep 22 2013: Thid could range from the Cattle Raisers, to a teachers ass'm, to a veterans alumni group, to.Of course the big boys might be the GAR, the Chamber, AAR, etc. They do make a difference Some good - some bad.
  • Sep 20 2013: Robert Winner
    Joseph City, AZ
    United States

    Before I do the research necessary to conclusions, and opinions,
    I want to thank you for our past great conversations I have enjoyed.
    I grew up in Chandler, AZ 1940-1950.

    Today I sell only one thing. INTEGRITY.
    I urge All Americans to start today and "Integrisize" !!!

    Our USA Government needs a nudge in the right direction.
    45 years of Secrets, Spying, and Surveillances have destroyed
    the trust of the World's peoples. INTEGRISIZE our Government.
    • Sep 24 2013: I think you are under estimating the number of years of spying and surveillance has been used - think it goes back to McCarthy and maybe even more back, spying U2 - Formal spying probably 1945 with the OSS.
      • Sep 24 2013: wayne uejio 10+ Your right

        My idea is to get the data background on the NSA
        from the computer era forward.

        And to do so with all the participants. The NSA and Microsoft first.

        Once I found that Tunisia had bought an infected system for
        citizen surveillances, I knew I was on to something.

        The idiots who conceived this were 3 IBMers to start.

        It is so sad to realize that after Killing 50 Millions of peoples in a terrible
        WW2, there are still those Evil peoples in the United States, the United Kingdom,
        Russia, and Germany, who refuse to act responsibly and with integrity of purpose.

        For those of you who have thrown away your beliefs in God, understand this.
        There sure as hell, is a Devil.