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Every new invention comes from strong observations

Last Night while i was watching a news channel, i observed the concepts of social website Twitter, What comes in the mind of Twitter creator before he designed it?. The Answer was simple, He observed facebook and found out the most famous application is status update by users which brought idea of TWITTER. Facebook was observational idea taken from Orkut and story continues. Summary is that improve your observational Ideas, some tips for improving this value is remaining silent, observe things around, save your energy and optimize your observational Idea for maximum profit.


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    Oct 2 2013: We lack the vision of inventive creation being confined to a box designed to withstand alternative and renewable breakthrough
    Consider this without science is there a future??
    in the same breath Without Nature is there a Future???

    Science is man made theories and primitive law. its governed on evidence achieved in a primitive laboratory with less than favourable results. Once it becomes a law. We have the science police that monitors any infringements. This aside, this closed minded mentality stifles our progress. Maintaining policed security of those theories. Resulting in never testing or trifle with that. As the law stipulate to be impossible.

    But imagine this, science doesn't discover anything. It only uncover what was once hidden from our collective sight and thoughts.
    That being said. It has always been hiding in plain sight. you only needed to change your mindset to achieve observational frequency manipulation through comprehension

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