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Every new invention comes from strong observations

Last Night while i was watching a news channel, i observed the concepts of social website Twitter, What comes in the mind of Twitter creator before he designed it?. The Answer was simple, He observed facebook and found out the most famous application is status update by users which brought idea of TWITTER. Facebook was observational idea taken from Orkut and story continues. Summary is that improve your observational Ideas, some tips for improving this value is remaining silent, observe things around, save your energy and optimize your observational Idea for maximum profit.


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    Sep 20 2013: I think it comes from fixing problems. The observation part comes from taking a viewpoint exterior from the problem. This is natural law that has raised the standard of living from the beginning of time.
    • Sep 21 2013: I agree Pat, for fixing problems one need, observations regarding problem and some vision or Ideas how to fix it. The term Observational Ideas is for humans. Only God is novel creator.

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